Henan released the report card: in 2021, the overall safety production situation in the province is stable

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, the office of safety Commission of Henan Province reported the work situation of production safety in 2021. The number of production safety accidents and the number of deaths in the whole province decreased by 6.5% and 8.1% year on year respectively, indicating that the overall situation of production safety was stable.It is reported that in 2021, all levels of party committees and governments in the province will always put safety in a prominent position, organize to watch and study the TV feature film “Life Is Heavier than Mount Tai”, strengthen safety assessment and inspection, and continue to deepen the concept of “people first, life first” safety development.The CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government issued the Decision on Further Implementing the Strictest Production Safety Responsibility, The List of Production Safety Responsibilities of Henan Province, and the work plan of “Three responsibilities and three necessities” in the areas under the responsibility of party and government leaders, so as to improve and perfect the production safety responsibility system.The provincial safety committee improved the “three lists” of hidden problems, institutional measures and tackling tasks, and organized the implementation of 262 key tasks.We investigated potential safety hazards in 20,000 enterprises (units), suspended operations for rectification, summoned 41,000 for warning, imposed joint punishment on 2,596, and suspended and revoked business licenses of 1,986.The provincial security and Commission Office issued 319 warning letters throughout the year, investigated and dealt with major accidents and concealing accidents that occurred in 2021, implemented key management in individual cities and counties, and carried out work safety inspections on 14 centrally administered enterprises in Henan.In 2021, Henan province will comprehensively deepen special treatment in key areas such as hazardous chemicals, mines and road traffic.In the field of dangerous chemicals, 47 chemical parks were renovated and upgraded, and 944 major hazardous sources were inspected.In the mining sector, 156 coal mines in production and construction have completed self-inspection and self-reform, 28 items of outdated technology and equipment have been eliminated, and 44 mines that do not meet safety conditions have been closed down.In the field of road transportation, 15,000 kilometers of ordinary highway safety and life protection projects were carried out, and 1,369 dilapidated Bridges were renovated.In the area of urban and rural development, we investigated and remedied potential safety hazards in public housing construction and completed rectification of gas pipeline congestion problems.In the field of fire safety, the inspection of high-rise buildings, inspection of “nine small” sites, cleaning up illegal accommodation personnel, supervision and rectification of all kinds of hidden dangers.In 2021, the construction of dual prevention system in Henan province will continue to improve the quality and expand the scope.We have divided the five standards into 16 areas and 57 measures, encouraged enterprises in 23 industries to build and use their businesses, and actively extended their coverage to small and micro businesses.We made great efforts to develop a dual prevention system in industrial cluster areas, covering all 180 industrial cluster areas with dual prevention, and over 30,000 enterprises above designated size with dual prevention programs.Around the Spring Festival, National Day holidays and safety accident prone period and other key periods, departments at all levels continue to push safety reminders to the society, carry out safety knowledge education.Continue to increase the supervision of law enforcement and supervision and inspection efforts, the provincial safety committee of 9 supervision group sinking line, guide the post-disaster reconstruction and enterprise resumption of work and production safety prevention, to avoid secondary accidents.In 2021, no major workplace safety accidents or above occurred in puyang, Nanyang, Xinyang, Luohe and Xinxiang cities, and no industrial, mining and trade accidents occurred in Kaifeng.