“God beast” is back to school, come on

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Yesterday was the day of registration of primary and secondary schools in our province.After a month of winter vacation, students are returning to campus to report on their homework, get new textbooks and start the new semester.It is worth noting that in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, some schools in Haikou have introduced online registration and off-peak return to school to reduce the number of people gathering during the opening season to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students.Yesterday morning, students and their parents arrived at yebo Primary School in Qiongshan district, Haikou city.”Do you have your child’s health code and trip code?” “Please line up in the waiting area at a 1-meter interval to enter the school.”The school laid three access channels at the school gate, teachers and staff wearing masks, holding thermometer, for each student and parents to check, temperature measurement.The reporter learned that this year, the school collected the electronic version of “Two codes” of the students and teachers who returned to school after verification in advance, and set up a standing account of the situation of students leaving the island, requiring nucleic acid tests before returning to school.Therefore, students should submit the printed paper version of two codes for reference on the registration day.When parents enter the school, they are required to measure the temperature, check the health code and travel code.Yeobo Primary school arranged for students of different grades to arrive at school in batches.The reporter saw in the school, each class director one by one to the students for registration.”The main materials to be collected today are a two-yard registration form, a report book, a study punch sheet, as well as winter homework and reading notebooks.”The school’s fourth grade (3) class director Miao Qianwen introduced, during the winter vacation to students arranged reading, practicing words, housework, paste Spring Festival couplets and other practice and a certain amount of written homework, “students report to submit written homework, after school will also organize the class meeting, let students share the winter vacation practice completed.”To avoid crowds, students can also register online.Students can report their daily health monitoring in their classes and go to school the next day, said an official from the school’s academic affairs office.Textbooks for the new term are distributed to the desks of all classes by teachers and some parent volunteers, so that students will have access to new books on the first day of school.Yesterday, Haikou Qiongshan No. 2 Primary School campus has a different scene.This spring semester, students and their parents do not have to go to school, and the school has organized a drill on epidemic prevention and control emergency response to strengthen the safety of teachers and students during the new semester.”There are more than 5,000 students in our school, and it’s too risky for them to gather together, so we implement online registration this year. On the basis of collecting two codes for verification, parents can register in the class wechat group.”Li Caijin, deputy director of the school, said that the school staff have arrived in advance, and students have completed online registration.On the same day, Qiongshan No. 2 Primary School in Haikou city also combined with the epidemic prevention and control work, once again to the campus disinfection, disinfection, and organize staff to carry out emergency response drills.Reporters saw at the scene, the school gate set up students and teachers into the school channel, and equipped with infrared thermometer, each teacher and students to real-time temperature detection.”On the basis of daily cleaning, we also hired a third-party professional agency to conduct comprehensive disinfection of classrooms, public areas and isolation rooms on campus to ensure campus health and safety.”Li Shulian, deputy director of the general affairs office of the university, said the drill focused on simulating temperature measurement, transfer procedures for people with physical abnormalities or other suspicious symptoms, and temporary quarantine measures to strengthen the prevention skills of staff.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still serious, especially as a large number of “migratory birds” and tourists enter The province during the Spring Festival holiday, the risk of imported epidemic and transmission in Our province increases, and so does the risk of local clusters of epidemic on campus.To this end, many schools in our province in the opening of the report also further strengthen the preventive measures, in the temperature measurement, check two code based on the implementation of the wrong peak report, online report.Hainan Overseas Chinese Middle School senior High School organized students to return to school in batches yesterday. The senior grade of senior high school returned to school before 8 am and arranged students to register in two periods.Junior year returns to school in the afternoon.The school set up a number of temperature measurement channels and temporary isolation places in the gymnasium to ensure the smooth opening of students.Haikou School affiliated to Shanghai World International Trade University will arrange the primary school and junior middle school to report back to school in batches in the morning and afternoon. The school gate will implement closed-loop management, and all students will have their identity checked, “two-code” checked, body temperature checked, and nucleic acid test negative report checked.Haikou Education kindergarten allows parents to register for their children, children can not go to school to register, the next day to enter the kindergarten.Many schools will further optimize after-school services and enrich featured courses according to the reporter’s interview, all schools will carry out the opening ceremony of the new semester, the first lesson of the new semester and other activities, with a full sense of ceremony to welcome the arrival of the new semester.Relevant schools also remind parents and students to pay attention to personal hygiene, adjust work and rest to keep fit, and integrate into campus life as soon as possible.In addition, schools will continue to carry out after-school services.The reporter noticed that many schools further optimize the content and form of after-school services in the new semester, and constantly improve the quality of after-school services.Haikou Qiongshan District Yebo Primary School provides a more abundant “course supermarket” this year, setting up more than 20 characteristic courses in five categories of morality, intelligence, physical education, the United States and labor, “menu-style” service for students to choose.(Reporter Lin Wenxing shan Zhengdang)