Fan Kexin said, “We did it.”

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First fan can be a new start in “pin” Nemesis, Hungary, and then the QuChunYu “on two knife” to Canada, then let all the rods and then back to Italy, and by the evening, act 4 gun Wu Dajing expanded lead – 5 days later, the Chinese short track speed skating team in a mixed group relay team won the gold medal.It was also the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics.# China’s first gold!Short track speed skating mixed relay winner # The picture is taken by MAO Jianjun, reporter of China News Service.After the game, Fan kexin repeated “We did it” to the camera.Remember, this gold medal did not come easily.In the final, the Chinese team was at a disadvantage in lane four.In the semifinals, The Chinese team suffered a thrilling moment.The Us team and the Russian Olympic Committee were the top two teams in the same group, but after the game, the referee looked back and judged that the two teams committed fouls, resulting in the Chinese team being blocked for many times, and then cancelled the results of the US team and the Russian Olympic Committee.The Chinese team made it to the finals.On the other hand, short track speed skating teams such as South Korea, Hungary, fell in the process of the day.Critics said the Chinese team used solid ability, good mentality and perfect technical and tactical play to keep the advantage in the end.Courageously, walk the line.Congratulations to the Chinese short track speed skating team!Look forward to this “king of the division” in the next match even good results.(China News Service)