Daqing city set up to promote investment group, send force provincial travel conference

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Northeast network on March 25 news do everything possible to do a good job in tourism investment, strive to introduce a number of strategic investors and major industrial projects, help to achieve the goal of “holding a meeting, thriving a city”……In recent days, with the pace of the fifth Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Industry Development Conference getting closer and closer, on the basis of the original investment promotion special class, our city has set up the tourism promotion and investment promotion group, in order to take advantage of the opportunity of the provincial Tourism development Conference, set off a new high tide of investment attraction in Daqing.”Tourism promotion and investment promotion group will focus on the provincial TOURISM development Conference project to attract investment, introduce strategic partners, recommend to Attend the provincial tourism development Conference representatives, prepare for the provincial tourism development Conference investment promotion project, organize the provincial tourism development conference investment signing activities and other four content to carry out work.”Related person in charge of municipal Bureau of Commerce.Investment promotion “multi-way progress”, our city around the provincial Tourism development Conference project, decomposition of detailed tasks, implementation of goals and responsibilities, and actively introduce strategic partners.The Municipal Development and Reform Commission took the lead in attracting investment for 60 infrastructure and market-oriented operation projects of the Provincial Tourism and Development Conference, communicated and connected with the Provincial Investment group, Construction Investment Group, New Industry investment Group, Financial Holding Group and Agricultural Investment Group, and tried to introduce a number of strategic investors.The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology took the lead in the investment promotion of the digital center project and kept close contact with industry giants such as Huawei and Tencent, striving to achieve strategic cooperation in the development of Daqing digital economy.Led by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Tourism, the municipal Bureau of Commerce has actively sought for investment cooperation abroad around the renovation and upgrading projects of Longfeng Wetland Park and other scenic spots, and tried to introduce shenzhen Oct Tourism Investment Group and other strategic partners to participate in the development and construction of Daqing tourism industry projects.Relevant units will also fully tap the potential of outreach resources, advance the docking work, invite more than 100 domestic and foreign influential large enterprises, large groups to attend the provincial tourism development conference, create cooperation and development opportunities.The group is composed of one deputy leader and one department head from each unit concerned. The municipal Bureau of Commerce is in charge of investment promotion, and is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and completing foreign investment promotion, enterprise invitation, investment promotion, project signing and preparation for relevant meetings and activities.All relevant units will also be the standard on the table the HKTB, introduction of investment promotion work plan, the further study of this department is responsible for each task, and carrying out the task index elaboration to specific leadership, implement to specific persons responsible, schedule inversion, clear quality standards and time limit, take effective measures and method, ensure that all tasks to implement, promote strong, finish as soon as possible.In addition, in order to ensure the efficient and orderly promote each work, enhance the sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility, led the regularly scheduled city business bureau, once every half a month summary to promote the implementation, all the advance will be convened at least once every month, the whole dynamic master the task progress and result to pay special attention to the HKTB, investment promotion, help save send the conference a complete success.Investment attraction Daqing Investment attraction riveting full drive to start again “gold 20”!Daqing investment magnification daqing contract amount broken 100 billion!Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com