Cheater back to work!Guangzhou Nansha public security prevented two telecom network fraud a day

2022-04-30 0 By

After the Spring Festival, the units began to return to work, the swindlers are also ready to start “business.”Recently, guangzhou Nansha police stopped two telecom network fraud, successfully pulled tens of thousands of yuan.February 9, The Nansha district anti-fraud center received a warning, said the people suspected of suffering from telecommunications network fraud.After receiving the police, anti-fraud center staff Guo Jianxing, Xian Ruiming, Lin Junhui immediately launched a telephone to dissuade, and instructed Huangge police Station Huang Zhuozhi, Feng Yuxuan to dissuade.It is understood that the subject received posing as “shopping website customer service” fraud phone, said the subject to buy products have quality problems can be reimbursed, required subject to operate according to its guidelines.In the process, the owner provided the bank card number and SMS verification code without reservation.Knowing this situation, the anti-fraud center immediately coordinated with relevant departments to stop payment of the account, and the police force of Huangge police Station also guided the subject to modify the bank password, and saved more than 17,000 yuan in the card in time for the subject.Coincidentally, on the same day, nansha Anti-fraud Center again received a warning, the staff immediately launched a phone call to dissuade, and ordered The Nansha police Station Huang Bolin, Liang Ziming to dissuade.Originally, the subject also received a call posing as “shopping website customer service”, said that the product it bought quality problems can be paid, requiring the subject to download “a cloud classroom” APP and open screen sharing.The subject operator followed the instructions of the other party and informed the other party of the bank card number and two SMS verification codes.In an emergency moment, the subject received a call from the anti-fraud center, nansha police station timely door-to-door dissuasion, the subject woke up, did not inform the third verification code to the other party, successfully avoid the bank card losses of 30,000 yuan.Nansha police hint: after the Spring Festival, the swindlers also began to “resume work”, posing as “e-commerce customer service” and other kinds of telecom network fraud appeared again.Here, Nansha public security reminds you to “hold your purse tight and guard your hard-earned money”.96110, please answer it!Source: Guangzhou Nansha police release editor: Xiaoxi