An Internet celebrity has been punished by police for “streaking” after drinking in a busy city

2022-04-30 0 By

Live 2022 largest outlet is the answer to what many people still live webcast play “even”, cargo flow, with can make money in order to publicity with traffic network hosts flying dun land situation but someone was carried away by fans economy who tested live web celebrity PK to willing to challenge the bottom line, “naked”, ran into custody on the evening of October 25, 2021,A “streaking” video spread on the network, causing many netizens to forward discussion for a while.Video showing a man naked only pants wearing sunglasses, cotton, with a cigarette calmly running back and forth quite a “proud” attitude at that time the traffic net friend call tuxedos, spicy eyes “streaking” man is not a common person, online number more than 100000 fans, that’s no problem of local web celebrity!That night, a group of network anchors dinner after the bet, the loser to downtown naked and live, then appeared the beginning of the scene of hot eyes.So the Internet star took off his clothes and ran 150 meters in the downtown area, despite the public’s attention. Some people even followed him with professional equipment.Net red Lin’s behavior also caused a crowd of onlookers, many people took out their mobile phones to take photos and videos, a time the whole road has been blocked……Seriously disturbing public order.Wait until the police came to the door, Lin said regretfully, he drank wine that day, wine strength, thinking about entertainment everyone up powder son, he did something wrong.He expressed deep reflection and apologized on social media, saying that he would actively spread positive energy in the future.Lim was detained for three days for disturbing public order.Life needs entertainment, laughter, but entertainment needs the bottom line, can not cross the line to remind the network is not outside the law, network broadcast should establish correct values, need rational civilization, rather than indulging in shortcut, quick money.If anyone challenges the bottom line and disrupts social order, the public security organs will crack down firmly in accordance with the law.Want to become a “net red”, in addition to relying on their own talent and efforts, but also to defend the moral bottom line, to the fans, the society full of positive energy, to jointly maintain the blue sky of the network!Source: Network Security Bureau of Ministry of Public Security