An Indonesian man woke up with his dream to build a church

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Daniel Alamsjah, an Indonesian man, tried to build his dream chicken church in 1990 after dreaming of a pigeon flying over his side, but it has been abandoned for years and was once thought to be haunted by vampires, the Daily Star reported.The isolated, chicken-shaped church has become one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the country — and the world — with locals variously viewing it as a joke gone too far or as haunted.The church, called Gereja Ayam (which means “church of the chicken” in Indonesian), was built in the 1990s and was originally thought to be shaped like a dove, the brainchild of Daniel Alamsa, who has said that God gave him the idea in a dream,Daniel Alamsa envisioned the chicken Church as a meeting place for people of all religions, but in the years since, it has become the butt of local jokes due to its bizarre and comical design.Daniel alam claims, in the dream, saw a white dove sail, the top of the mountain behind a piece of beautiful scenery, the pigeons requirements to build a chapel, after one day, Daniel alam, deep in the jungle of gerson magrao Java a forest in the top of the hill, accidentally saw a dream the same scenery, then decided to take the idea into reality in the dream.Daniel Alamsa bought 3,000 square meters of land on the hill from locals in 1990 for a mere 2 million rupees and began building the “Chicken Church.” Construction costs were high and work stopped in 2000, but the bird-shaped structure was completed, and nearly 20 years after parts of the church were built,It was left to languish in the isolated forest, leading some superstitious locals to speculate that the lonely chicken church was haunted.Some people claim to have seen quintillanac demons crawling over the church.In Indonesian folklore, the Quintillanac are a type of female vampire, and whether this person actually saw a “hen party out of control” will no doubt never be known.Today, people can visit the church and take pictures under its bizarre interior. Atop the huge, chicken-shaped church, an observation deck has been built, which is said to have the same view as the pigeon showed Daniel Alamsa in his dream.Some parts of the church were damaged by graffiti after it was opened to visitors, and now the walls are covered in graffiti, while the unfinished basement remains undisturbed, giving it the feel of a horror movie set.Photo source: Daily Star, Online