After nine lamas become pets, put away their killing weapons, Naruto is very pleased to see

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Nine-o is a childhood nightmare for Naruto, who was haunted by nine-o when he was very young and became a “monster” in the village.Indeed, nine tails at the beginning of the image set very good, not for the tail beast set, pure fox story is indeed more attractive.With the development of the plot, Nine o has become a “pawn” used by Tabby, naruto’s most effective helper, and nine o changes not only his personality, but also his habits and habits as he gets along with Naruto.In fact, nine tail has been very remorse, although he is a demon fox, but the destruction of wood leaf is not its original intention, but the spot and with soil in succession to control themselves, it is also very helpless, so that the hatred of human is more and more deep.Nine tails at the start of the set is a fierce monster beast, fierce eyes, orange hair, and the sharp teeth and sharp claws, what do you think is impossible and “cute”, but the so-called three points on the appearance, seven points by setting, fox with nine tails into naruto, it also became the existence of “mascot” hokage.But nine tail is also very cute, in the end of the war or proud to stay in Naruto body, and at the moment nine tail although naruto and reconciliation, but still not fully open to human heart, but it is a habit naruto saw very moved.He is responsible for killing Naruto’s parents, if not intentionally, so he hides his claws when he’s with naruto.Cats and other animals is your nails can be hidden, this way can better protect themselves and not injured to the owner, so it is with the nine tails, after become naruto pet, nine tails sauce like change of the body, also don’t want to see their claws, because it is at the beginning it killed four generations of husband and wife of weapons, although the naruto is a baby,However, nine tails can not pass this by themselves, hiding their claws is also to its psychological comfort.Nine tails fox, though it is but its mind is exquisite, vexed vexed it trust someone will treat wholeheartedly, and even a little bit tsundere, we also feel very lovely, six fairy also gave nine tails a stairs, let him stay in the body of naruto, “nine lama, you still the same not honest”.By the way, any tail-beast knows the nature of Nine tails.In fact, nine tails in just get Naruto recognition has changed his love, even with Yin force nails are back, nine tails also tried to apologize to Naruto, mentioned four generations of couples, but Naruto generous forgiveness, let nine tails instantly moved, and more loyal to Naruto.This is a small gesture, but it also represents the change that Nine-o and Naruto have grown up together. They are no longer fierce monsters, but real “friends”. Perhaps nine-o still thinks of the parents who killed Naruto every time he sees his claws.However, after he turns his memory into a driving force to protect Naruto, he is even willing to sacrifice himself to give Naruto a chance to defeat Ichishi. Perhaps when he says goodbye to Naruto at last, He is completely relieved and says, “Watergen, since I killed you, please protect your son with my life to atone for your SINS.”(This article is exclusive original by ALfy Communication, pictures from the network, prohibited handling, such as infringement contact delete)