Zheng Zhi or Huang Bowen?The former captain of the national football team of a certain giant team retired: he could not find another job after the salary limit was imposed

2022-04-29 0 By

According to reporter Wang Xiaorui, a veteran Chinese footballer playing for one of the top teams in southern China has announced his retirement because he can’t find another player due to salary restrictions.Fans and netizens were quick to point to either 41-year-old Zheng Zhi or Huang Bowen, who didn’t make an appearance last season due to injury.At the request of major clubs, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is preparing to implement the third salary cap, reducing the annual salary of local players from 5 million yuan to 3 million yuan.Before the Official announcement of the Chinese Football Association, Guangzhou team is to issue documents in advance, the annual salary of local players is not more than 600,000 yuan, more stringent than the Chinese football Association.Last season, guangzhou’s parent company, Evergrande Group, was hit hard and could not afford to spend as freely as before, so the team is likely to send away all of its international-level players and switch to younger players nurtured by the association.Wang Xiaorui’s sources pointed out that, affected by the salary limit, an old Chinese player from a big southern club was ready to retire because he could not find a new one.According to previous reports, the 2021 season has not yet ended, guangzhou team many international players are looking for a new home, including Liao Lisheng, have basically determined their next home.Later, Wang added that the veteran, who will soon announce his retirement, was once the captain of the national football team.At present, zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen and Zhang Linpeng have served as the captain of Guangzhou National Football Team. However, Zhang Linpeng is almost certain to join Seaport, while Zheng Zhi is 41 years old and it is almost impossible to continue his career in other teams, so Huang Bowen is the most likely.