Wuling Glory EV, a new energy logistics vehicle, sold only 99,800

2022-04-29 0 By

Wuling has you like a tiger with wings to order gifts, Wuling model line 9.9 yuan to enjoy 1000 yuan car purchase fund;New gift: any brand old car new, enjoy manufacturers subsidies recommended gift: old users to introduce new users, enjoy exclusive treatment;Financial gift: installment purchase, enjoy 18 periods of 0 interest;Low down payment, low monthly mortgage, super long loan;Wuling Rongguang EV this week latest offer: Wuling Baojun Yiwu Jiuzhou Sales Center store February 13 – February 13 limited time promotion, the highest discount of 0.1%, such a preferential drop, we can not miss, shop address:Yiwu Houzhai Automobile City Site 6 promotion time from February 13, 2022 toWuling Rongguang EV latest quotation model manufacturer’s guidance price/subsidy price preferential range Jinhua quotation Window version basic type 2 300KM99800 Yuan 0.01Yuan 99700 yuan bus version basic type 7 300KM99800 yuan 0.01Yuan 99700 yuan Window version basic type 5 300KM10.2810,000 yuan, 0.01 yuan, 102,700 yuan