“Write what you Want to read” : One way to be happy

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Pay attention to your son, grow up together not confused!”Write What You Want to Read,” by Tanaka Taiyu, is just a little more than a hundred thousand words long, but it has inspired a lot of people who want to write but don’t know how to get started.At the beginning of writing, I always faced the state of no readers and no reading quantity. Later, I gradually became bored and had no fun. At last, I found that writing could change my life.”The first person to read your article and enjoy it is yourself,” the book says.It’s like when you go into the kitchen one day and cook a table of dishes, you feel that you have put your heart into this meal and put your life’s experience into it. No matter whether the meal is pleasing to others or not, you are the happiest person first.Because, they have used the “unlearned” skills, to do this meal, is a kind of practice and experience accumulation, some people will say that the general delicious, some people say very delicious, this is the evaluation of others, we do not control, the most important is happy forever belong to their own.Later you can share how to cook a meal and how you did it, which is also a way to have fun.If you don’t put your heart into the meal, a bad word from someone else can ruin your whole mood.If they read their own articles, feel no joy, that usually others will not gain what content.Remember the time when we learned to draw in the summer vacation of high school, the teacher let us go out and draw whatever we wanted for a whole day, no limit on content and subject matter;I drew a leaf and was praised.This leaf, I carefully carved the lines, in a leaf found that the feeling of beauty, I do not remember why I chose the theme in this way, I only remember that I drew a leaf was praised.Come to think of it now, being good at finding a point of view, a topic, a point of entry in any matter can make our articles come alive.But writing also needs to have “content,” and a point that resonates, or helps, is a reason for readers to like you.The writing threshold is very low, anyone can enter, but need to repeatedly write, carefully modify the article, to be able to improve the content of the font.That we are in the process of writing, don’t say it always rain today is very annoying, simply to express their inner thoughts, if you really want to write this topic, you can touch, hate it’s raining today, because the results of XX phenomenon, then write a write XX phenomenon is what, what will happen.This description is not a simple expression of inner dissatisfaction with the rain, readers can also understand the causes and phenomena, and it is also a pleasure to read.This is what attracts me about this book. The title of the book, “Write what you Want to read”, feels like a free choice of topic. There is no limit to free creation, and you can write what you like.Finally, use a sentence to express the mood and hope of writing: do useful little things repeatedly, do simple things seriously, you can find the fun and harvest.’.Introduce yourself, I am your son, want to become the seesaw of life through words, if you like my words, sincerely hope you focus on praise collection of a dragon!!Looking back: Try to make the things you do every day a habit for growing: Watch yourself do small meaningful things for a long time to cultivate what you are good at