The most confused country!With Crimea and Donbas gone, what is Ukraine’s future?

2022-04-29 0 By

At the beginning of the Collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was an industrial powerhouse in Europe, but over time, everything has changed!A coup in 2014 raised anti-Russian sentiment in western Ukraine to an all-time high, but everything comes at a price, and the price Ukraine pays is Crimea and Donbas.It has been seven years since Crimea was annexed by Russia, and the eastern states of Donetsk and Luhansk have both declared independence.What’s more, with war between Russia and Ukraine trending daily in the news, what’s the future of Ukraine?The loss of Donbas, the Soviet Union’s largest coal-producing region, and Crimea means the loss of the black Sea’s most important access to the sea, making Ukraine more of a landlocked country.Personally, Ukraine’s goal now should be to keep the rest of eastern Ukraine from further secession.Given the current situation, taking back Crimea and Donbass is unrealistic, especially since Ukraine signed the Minsk agreements and has little to lose by starting a war.Only by turning down the heat in the region and detente with Russia can the fundamentals be stabilized.What is Ukraine’s future?I’m afraid no one has a clear answer, once the third nuclear power, into today’s situation, with its geographical environment has a great relationship.”Look east or look west”?That is something Ukraine will always have to think about.