“Soul tea bar”!Cheat money cheat color harm life!Suspected of mind control over 4,000 people

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On the surface is ordinary tea bar is actually a pyramid scheme dens to deceive the masses to buy the so-called “divine tea” “fumi”……In the past two years, Ms. Zhang from Liangxi district was cheated of more than 100,000 yuan at the tea bar. She donated more than 1,000 yuan to the so-called “master” every month.”Good Samaritan” introduced the cancer of Ms. Zhang to this tea bar to see a doctor, after the “master” pulse diagnosis and treatment, the medicine or the past to eat the medicine, but the dose is more than 10 times!”Soul tea Bar” organized activities (wuxi Public Security Bureau) in July 2021 “soul tea bar” case solved “magic doctor” Zhang and other 7 main criminal suspects were arrested this case is involved in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang pyramid selling case the main criminal suspects are suspected of mind control more than 4000 personnel also set up “training base” to cheat money!Cheat color!To kill!According to the Wuxi police, the organization attracted mainly middle-aged and elderly women, among them better economic conditions of the owner and sick women.The suspects sold “fumi” and “medicated wine” through “voluntary donations” and “consultations”, as well as eliminating karmic obstacles, according to a preliminary investigation.10 raped women under the pretext of testing loyalty and curing diseases.Persuade the victim to drink only “god tea” do not take medicine, causing 6 people’s illness aggravation death, 1 person in the training after mental disorder jumped to suicide.Evidence provided by the Public Security Bureau of Wuxi city can be seen, the suspect Zhang forged a large number of certificates, fictitious many titles to defraud the trust of the masses.Handling the case police told reporters, deep repair is a cover, fraud money color is true.False certificate suspect Zhang also use a variety of means to the victim brainwashing, let the victim write experience, each party training, to share the “master” “super ability” and “magic medicine”;Morning and evening to “master” to greet, in order to turn on the “receive energy switch”;On the road, before dinner to sing “I Love you master” and so on.After brainwashing, Zhang defrauded through a variety of ways.Evidence seized by Wuxi police showed that the suspect, surnamed Zhang, made more than 4.442 million yuan in profits from some victims in Wuxi and Suzhou, Jiangsu province, by taking bribes.Wuxi police said three similar cases, each involving more than 1,000 people, have been discovered or solved in the city alone since 2020.Wuxi police believe that the strict investigation and crackdown on the “spirit of pyramid selling”, need to go deep into the community publicity, let the masses widely know its harm.If relevant departments find such clues in daily supervision, they should also timely investigate and deal with them effectively with local public security.Source | xinhua viewpoints Wuxi copyright school.in all safe and sound If there is any infringement please contact delete attention please “wuxi TV” trill, and video search trill wuxitv