Donate supplies to help with epidemic prevention and control

2022-04-29 0 By

Star sand times dispatch (reporter Yang Yuan) on April 7, “charity helping Coagulation hearts meet happeneth outbreak “xingsha held national religious power resistance to disease donation activities, by county national association, county buddhist association, Taoist association and cypress temple, narathiwat temple, promise on huashan temple hall, and other groups and religious sites to 㮾 pear streets materials donated a total of 120000 yuan worth of epidemic diseases.County party committee standing committee, county party Committee organization Department minister Tao Jianjun attended.At present, the county is working together to win the battle of annihilation.The epidemic has touched everyone’s heart. The ethnic and religious circles of Changsha County actively responded to the call of the county Party Committee and government and the work arrangement of the United Front Work Department of the County Party Committee (Minzong Bureau), and initiated charitable donations to help win the battle against epidemic prevention and control with practical actions. In just one day, they collected charitable materials and made centralized donations.It is understood that the donated supplies mainly include medical masks, instant noodles, mineral water, rice, oil, etc., will be distributed scientifically by 㮾 Pear street, distributed to 㮾 Pear street sealing control area, control area residents and frontline epidemic prevention workers, to ensure that the masses feel at ease and comfortable life.