A shop sells clothes exactly the same as my design, can I Sue him for infringement?

2022-04-29 0 By

The clothes produced and sold by a Taobao shop are exactly the same as the “Dream dance” clothes designed by our company. Can we Sue her for infringement?If your company has applied for copyright for this design, you can not only accuse him of infringement, but also claim for compensation to her!A applied work of art that is original, artistic, practical and reproducible, and can be separated from artistic and practical, may be recognized as a applied work of art and protected by the Copyright Law.In this case, “dream dance” clothing is completed independently by a design company, reflecting the author’s personalized selection, design, layout and other creative labor, reflects a certain design concept and beauty, the clothing has aesthetic significance.The court ordered the taobao store to stop the infringement and compensate the design company for its economic losses and reasonable expenses of 15,000 yuan.For the majority of clothing design right holders, the correct use of copyright as a weapon will be an important way to protect their legitimate rights and interests.You get the idea?