What do I need to prepare for an online meeting?How to reduce lag and delay?

2022-04-28 0 By

Online meeting is a new way to the meeting, because of convenient save money, because the current outbreak, it is not suitable for face-to-face meetings, especially international conference, so the video conference call way has become the trend of The Times, is the active or passive choice, but more because of the way bring to people’s respect, so can not meet,When conditions permit, enterprises and even leaders of various countries choose to have online meetings. Instead of running around, they can communicate with each other online through conference software.So what do you need to prepare for an online meeting?Let’s take a look at how you can reduce delays and delays.First online video conference is to select the same nature of online software for meeting, and each user can choose different terminal equipment for video calls, to guarantee for the user’s mobile phone or computer, can smooth play, especially in multiplayer, off-site, to ensure no card without delay or card off, you need a powerful software.So first prepared online meeting is one of the software, then the participants are ready to video and audio equipment, like cell phones or computers, it is best to tested a dress rehearsal before the meeting, ensure the equipment is normal, guarantee the zero failure during online meeting, at the same time can be ready for meeting the related information.If afraid when meeting to caton affect online message or meeting schedule, then choose a reliable and stable software can be the solution to this problem at once, like poly gateway can meet the needs of users in the aspect of video or live, and even ten million people watched the same won’t appear caton or delay.If it is a general platform for the video, when the number too much or the network is not stable caton appear easily lost or picture frame, choose a live broadcast of the bottom is stable and reliable, live experienced mature online live meeting software is extremely important, poly support too many international conference, if you choose online conferencing software, it can be included in the account.