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Text: History repeats, but not simply.Most empiricists dismiss the current rally in growth stocks because they see big gains as the fate of big declines, and cite plenty of examples of bulls turning to bears.However, analogies alone are no different. The current rise of CXO was certainly boosted by the epidemic, but by the end of last year, the impact of the epidemic on THE performance of CXO companies had been greatly weakened, while the companies in each CHAIN of CXO still showed excellent growth.The feeling that he was wronged the pharming Kant released the performance of the early last night to stabilize the army: revenue 22.9 billion, profit 5.09 billion, deduction non 4.06 billion, the basic is also forecast in the median of some of the level.Company also on earnings, as well as future business conditions were discussed, the purpose is to give investors confidence: 1) the chemical business plate after integration, continuous construction “integrated, end-to-end” CRDMO (contract research, development and production organization) business, orders demand, promoted the company annual sales revenue growth accelerated in 2021.The chemical business grew by about 46.93% year-on-year in 2021.Among them, the service revenue of small molecule drug discovery (R) increased by about 43.24% year on year;Process Research, Development and Production (D&M) service revenue increased approximately 49.94% year over year.The company expects revenue growth in its chemical business to nearly double in 2022 compared to 2021.2) The laboratory analysis and Testing business and the clinical CRO/SMO business, as well as the biology business, also achieved strong growth in 2021 under the Testing business.The test business grew about 38.03% year-on-year in 2021.Among them, the revenue of laboratory analysis and testing services increased by about 38.93% year on year, and the revenue of drug analysis and testing services excluding device testing increased by about 52.12% year on year.Clinical CRO and SMO revenue increased by about 36.20% year-on-year.The company expects revenue growth for these businesses in 2022 to continue the momentum of recent years.3) Cell and gene therapy CTDMO business segment in March 2022 will be a turning point in business development, and the company expects revenue growth to exceed the growth rate of the industry.In 2021, CTDMO business of cell and gene therapy in China grew rapidly, achieving a year-on-year revenue growth of about 87%.4) The business of domestic New drug R&D Service Department will be upgraded iteratively in 2022 to meet customers’ higher requirements for domestic new drug r&d service, and the company is expected to see a decrease in revenue to some extent.The domestic drug r&d service department increased by 17.47% year-on-year in 2021.The company’s high-growth businesses include: chemistry, testing, biology and CTDMO cell gene therapy.The company’s 2022 outlook for each of these businesses is to maintain or achieve higher levels of growth.The only revenue decline was in domestic drug discovery services, which accounts for 5.4% of total revenue and won’t have a significant impact.To sum up, the message of wuxi Apptec’s letter is three: First, we grew very well last year;Second, we will have good growth next year.Third, as for stock prices, it is up to you.As for THE current CXO, I still say that I do not know whether the stock price has reached the bottom, and I cannot accurately judge, but from the perspective of game value, CXO has entered the batting range.In addition, CPI and PPI data for January were released today. CPI grew 0.9% year on year in January, compared with 1.0% expected and 1.5% last.Producer prices rose 9.1% yoy in January versus expectations of 9.5% vs. 10.3% last.In January, CPI dropped to 0.9, with a month-on-month increase of 0.4, but the year-on-year growth has fallen to less than 1%. In addition, PPI showed a downward trend year-on-year, which was also in line with our expectations.Because now from the demand point of view, is not to support sustained higher inflation, coupled with the Federal Reserve rate hike expectations, the higher dollar, also suppressed the continued rise in commodity prices.Therefore, the decline of CPI and PPI is expected, and it also creates room for our monetary policy to continue, which is good for liquidity.Our current assessment of the market is still volatile, and recently we have also noticed that the voice of bullish market is becoming more and more strong, global well-known investment institutions are bullish on the Chinese market:In its 2022 Global equity strategy report, Credit Suisse upgraded Chinese stocks back to “overweight” after nearly 12 months, saying that “monetary policy is tightening in many parts of the world, but relatively loose in China, and economic momentum is improving.”Bernstein, an investment bank, published a 172-page report in January entitled “Chinese Stocks are starting to be worth investing in”.”There are six key reasons why it is worthwhile to re-add China risk assets to our global portfolio,” the report said.These include expectations of increased new financing, looser monetary policy and more attractive equity valuations, once-in-a-lifetime stock selection opportunities, rising foreign capital inflows and healthy corporate profits.Goldman Sachs: A shares are now A better investment.Kinger Lau, chief China equity strategist at Goldman Sachs, said in a Jan. 23 report that he expects the MSCI China index to rise 16% this year as valuations remain below Wall Street’s target of 14.5.For us, we should focus on the direction with better cost performance to make layout. For example, CXO we talked about earlier, its growth is still intact on the basis of a large decline in valuation, so this direction will sooner or later meet the intervention of capital.Ok, that’s all for today, leave a message if you have any questions!Remember to “watch”, class dismissed!The following is the market evaluation table: