The final and award ceremony of the 3rd HIT Global Alumni Competition was successfully held

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On January 3, 2022, the third “Win the World” Global Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition final and award ceremony was successfully held. The final was conducted online. Offline venues were set up in Shanghai, Weihai, Fujian and other competition areas, and hundreds of alumni from all over the world participated in the event.More than 600 projects participated in the competition, covering high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, robotics, metasexes, industrial Internet, software tool platforms, green power, new energy services and other industrial fields. Many of the projects belong to specialized and special new categories.Each competition area overcame the impact of the epidemic in Shanghai, Xiamen, Harbin, Xi ‘an and other cities, and made earnest progress. After fierce competition, 58 projects were selected to advance to the final of the competition.After all day on January 2nd group preliminaries, entered the finals for the second prize, a total of 18 project kick-off at noon on January 3, the NBA finals, nine national first-class expert judges strictly sharp project reviews and ratings on the real-time published scores, the final “high speed and high precision SMT machine” and other 10 projects (ninth grade, the same as the first prize) won the first prize, high fluxAutomatic cell separation enrichment system, etc. 8 items second prize, for safety performance control industrial 40 projects won third prize, such as the Internet, subject to consent by the secretariat, the consent of the judges and the organizing committee, chose the “carbon fiber composite intelligent manufacturing equipment” “architectural decoration one-stop SaaS” wait for 14 the most development potential award program.(See the list of specific awards at the end of this article) After the final, a brief and grand final award ceremony was held.At the beginning of the ceremony, professor Yang Shiqin, the old president, delivered a speech.President Yang pointed out that innovation is leading the first motive force in the development, in recent years, the masses entrepreneurship peoples innovation continued to a wider, higher level and depth, innovation, entrepreneurship and economic and social development depth fusion, after a startup business school alumni, weihai campus, across the alumni of collaborative efforts and insist, global alumni to Harbin Institute of Technology innovation entrepreneurship competition has become the whole schoolThe benchmark and model competition for entrepreneurial activities has received the attention and cooperation of CCTV and other media organizations for many times, which has played a positive role in promoting scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading and made new contributions to scientific and technological innovation and economic growth for HIT people.It is hoped that the organizing committee and the secretariat will sum up experience, develop new ideas, continue to innovate in system and operation, and continue to empower and serve alumni entrepreneurship and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements of the university.Competition, secretary general of the executive director, Shanghai, Harbin industrial university alumni entrepreneurial business school alumni association of the joint chairman Zhou Mingyu contest work summary report, and said the third series got a lot of outstanding alumni start-ups and the team, and the attention of investment institutions, people of a new era of competition is becoming a hit kechuang card;The purpose of the competition is not only to select outstanding entrepreneurial projects, but also to provide comprehensive support and services for alumni projects.To complete the “Harbin industrial university alumni millions innovative undertaking engineering” (namely the joint global alumni organization building industrial ecology to Harbin Institute of Technology, service and can assign alumni enterprises, with 10 to 15 years, cultivating 100 alumni listed companies, 1000, one hundred million yuan, 10000 alumni alumni ventures partners) grand goal, unremitting ground construction work.After the competition, the organizing Committee and the secretariat will provide continuous services such as market docking, capital docking and policy landing docking for participating enterprises.President Zhou Shige, President Yu Ming, President Liu Wei, President Yang Xiaoyong, President Li Hongwei, Vice President Wei Yali, alumnus Qi Kefei, Secretary General Xu Xiuzhen, alumnus Song Jie and other members of the competition made speeches respectivelyThey gave full affirmation to the organizing committee and the secretariat, and put forward a lot of planning and operation suggestions for the future development of the competition. The atmosphere was warm.In particular, Yang Xiaoyong, president of Xi ‘an Alumni Association of Shaanxi, made a warm speech, which impressed everyone deeply. The host expressed support, sympathy and blessing to the alumni of Shaanxi, especially Xi ‘an, on behalf of the alumni of the competition, wishing Xi ‘an an early victory over the epidemic and the resumption of normal production and life order.Tournament director professor Zhang Luyang project — “future-oriented creative path”, from the state for the future development of innovation strategy, the perspective of regional economic strategy, internationalization strategy, analysis of the value of scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship, with typical cases on modern innovative entrepreneurial specialization new path and process with high uncertainty, discuss the innovative entrepreneurial success at the same time, from the service societyStart, create value, return Alma mater, benefit society endogenous mechanism.Professor Zhang Luyang, on behalf of the organizing committee, announced the first, second and third prizes, the most potential prize list, and sent a message and congratulations to the winning projects.Professor Xu Xiaofei, vice President of Harbin Institute of Technology and Principal of Weihai Campus, made a speech on behalf of the school leaders at the final ceremony.President Xu first of all to President Yang, President Qiang, CAI and other old leaders, old professors congratulations happy New Year, wish good health;And sent New Year’s greetings to our alumni.President xu in the report introduced the Alma mater in practice general secretary he xin spirit, in the aspects of teaching, scientific research and innovation work, including weihai business school in Zhang Luyang under the support of alumni, has held the third phase of the elite class, has trained 208 interested in innovative undertaking undergraduate and master’s doctoral student, to greatly promote the innovation of school culture construction;Principal Xu also enthusiastically introduced the achievements of discipline construction of Weihai Campus and the rapid development of science and technology research projects undertaken by large state-owned enterprises and leading enterprises.Xu, President of Harbin Institute of Technology global alumni innovation entrepreneurship competition, and the alumni by “the project of Harbin industrial university alumni millions innovative undertaking, highly, and expressed his Alma mater alumni will continue to actively support the innovation of entrepreneurial activity, continue to work to carry out the” three to help a platform construction, power alumni and enterprise development, hope more alumni to become a leading enterprise,Listed enterprises, create value, return the country, benefit the society.The competition since the launch on May 31, 2021, the main campus, weihai campus, campus of shenzhen institute of all departments and related to give strong support, xiao-fei xu, vice President, shi-qin Yang old headmaster, Shanghai alumni association Zhou Shige alumni association, chairman of the President, dong-ning zhang, shenzhen Lv Xiaoming executive director, zhejiang, shaanxi xi ‘an alumni association liu wei, executive director of alumni with mexin groupChang, Li Hongwei, president of Ningbo Alumni Association, Zhuo Hailin, secretary general of Nanjing Alumni Association and Hu Qi, senior alumnus of Xiamen Alumni Association have been personally guiding and participating in the process of the competition.The finals will be guided by Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) and Harbin Institute of Technology Alumni Association, sponsored by Harbin Institute of Technology Alumni Entrepreneurship Business School (Shanghai), Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai) Student Affairs Office (Entrepreneurship Business School), Alumni Work and Education Fund Office, Innovation Entrepreneurship Park, and jointly organized by various local alumni organizations.To attend this contest and the awards ceremony of the leaders and guests are: the Harbin industrial university professor shi-qin Yang, the former vice President, weihai campus of Harbin industrial university first President professor strong families, Harbin industrial university, vice President, the weihai campus of Harbin industrial university professor xiao-fei xu, director of the center for China’s risk investment at fudan university, Harbin industrial university weihaiIndustry (part-time) press, Harbin institute of alumni, dean of school of business entrepreneurship Zhang Luyang, dean of school of business professor, weihai to Harbin Institute of Technology innovation park, Harbin Institute of Technology, general manager of former secretary of the party committee Tang Anyang weihai campus, a professor of Harbin institute of Shanghai alumni association Zhou Shige, chairman of the President, dong-ning zhang, Harbin institute of Beijing alumni association former secretary-general next senior, Harbin institute of zhejiang alumni association liu wei, Harbin institute of xi ‘anFriend will be with mexin group chairman, Harbin institute of xiamen senior alumni association is the teacher elder sister hu, executive director of Wei Yali alumni, nanjing alumni association ZhuoHaiLin secretary-general, the big bay area vc league secretary-general of xu, guangzhou alumni the traveler rode on the fly alumni, fujian dry move offshore granary Wang Lianzhu vice President for science and technology co., LTD, Shanghai art design institute of architectural design group, Shanghai construction science and technology industrial park directorSong Jie alumni, and Harbin industrial university weihai campus departments, head of the judges, investment agencies, head of the division, the Shanghai finale activity and famous alumni kevinbales, Huang Jian, Cheng Daolai, QuGang, zhang jian, QuZhenHua, Xia Zhaojie, Wang Jinge, hong-mei liang, He Qing, Shao Jie, cruz teng, jiang-tao wang, Feng Wufeng, Feng Tianbing, Cheng Qingshu, NingCongQin, Li Xi kernel, Zhou Yuhong, Zhou Zhihua, Wang Lei, Wang Yongsheng, Lin Xinghe, Cui Honggen, Chen Min, Wu Xuhui, Dong Qiang, Qiao Qing, etc., and the secretariat of the contest Zhou Mingyu, Zhou Wenliang, Han Jialei, Ma Chunhong, Men Ning, Zhang Yanan, Zhou Honghui and other alumni (please forgive me if any omission).Contest winners (in no particular order) : first prize: high speed and high precision SMT machine new base metal conductive paste and its printing process of semiconductor green crystal solid welding line automation testing equipment intelligent electric scooter (huawei iec strategy partner) fujian sea silk road satellite technology co., LTD., camera defect detection based on deep learning magnesium Wright – lightweight materials solutions providerBased on cloud architecture of virtual power plant system of gas sensor based on MEMS research solid-state batteries second prize for the industrialization of the core material: high flux automatic cell separation enrichment system AMtwin increase material manufacture twin – data driven real-time digital simulation system of AI fu can count industry intellectualization transformation wisdom haunters hui work – industrial visual guide anthropomorphic intelligent complex process operationsOrganic cloud – enterprise micro robot intelligent marketing SCRM the developments of science and technology consulting (weihai) co., LTD. (network) radar image video based on AIGC and yuan UGC productivity Saas platform third prize of the universe: for safety performance control industrial Internet XR equipment space perception and interaction solution for carbon fiber composite material intelligent manufacturing equipment geek yuan transformers universeLine stone line cutting machine more CCUS efficient/low cost ground project plan metal low temperature solid phase ultrasonic raised smart technology and industrialization of intelligent agaricus bisporus picking robot cement kiln control expert system of energy efficiency boring screen precision digital diagnosis and treatment of the multidimensional data driven system intelligent weeding robot intelligent cable inspection robot climbing tower tower zero carbon energy is used to establish low-carbon research of heating networkDevelopment of a multi-sensor digital twin platform and equipment Weihai TiANGong Technology Co., LTD. One-stop SaaS project for building decoration “Jiu Ge Dai Di” Internet legwork mode to solve the problem of household waste sorting SuperStar + (4 s lamp) wuxi mirror this camp of science and technology, Shanghai shi fu food heavy car rear axle gear damage monitoring system research and development and industrialization of lens color glasses cleaning nursing liquid food to cook lobster, lobster sauce – fool type modern campus restaurant red shore – high frequency ground wave radar leading a substitute for outdoor wooden floors – innovative wisdom alloy floor lamp lighting and networking technologyEnergy vehicle automatic charging robot Project Vehicle thermal management water environment monitoring based on spectral big data Intelligent fire control information control intelligent decision-making platform based on Internet of Things and digital twin Thermal out of control expansion passive protective coating mental health risk assessment system “Cloud innovation AI” epidemic prevention and control intelligent supervision platform super path adjustable tooth reducer RSPLUS series gas regulator enlightenment mountain green environmental protection, comprehensive indoor air pollution treatment reagents and equipment service the most development potential prize: for safety performance control industrial Internet geek yuan carbon fiber composite material universe intelligent manufacturing equipment CCUS efficient/low cost project plan kong landing line stone cutting metal can wit the agaricus bisporus picking robots more low temperature solid phase ultrasonicWave raised smart technology and industrialization of red land – high frequency ground wave radar leading cement kiln control expert system of intelligent lighting and lamp networking technology of energy efficiency XR equipment space perception and interaction solutions a substitute for outdoor wooden floors – innovative architectural decoration one-stop alloy floor SaaS project intelligent climbing tower cable inspection robot in this credit the contest sponsors and partners:Diamond Sponsors: Fujian Gandong Sea Granary Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Weiyuan Machinery Co., LTD., Alumnus Zhang Luyang, Alumnus Zhou Mingyu, Shanghai Kaiyi Design Group/Song Jie, Hangzhou Bluebird Electronics Co., LTD. / Liu WeiShanghai qing ya technology co., LTD. / wen-liang zhou, Shanghai forte generic business incubator management co., LTD. Competition silver sponsors: Papua New Guinea energy technology co., LTD. Shanghai day/Pan Yingchun card industrial co., LTD., Shanghai flute/w Yu Qin cooperation unit: amazon’s cloud thousand Han Jialei venation business administration center, science and technology, Shanghai/Beijing yingke law firm zhou, wide agency/bo