On the release of the eighth batch of Jiangsu Province “Learn From Lei Feng activity demonstration site” and “post learn from Lei Feng model” public notice

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In order to promote the in-depth development of the activity of learning from Lei Feng in posts, on the eve of the “3.5” Learning from Lei Feng Anniversary in 2022, the Provincial Propaganda Department and the Provincial Civilization Office will release a batch of “Learning from Lei Feng Activity Demonstration sites” and “Learning from Lei Feng in Posts”.The 10 jiangsu Province “Learning From Lei Feng activity demonstration sites” and 10 Jiangsu Province “post learning from Lei Feng pacesetters” will be published to the public (ranking in no particular order).If you have any objection to the above objects, please call us.Publicity time: Feb. 9 to 15, 2022, tel: 025-88802675 (fax), 88802676.Jiangsu Province “Learn From Lei Feng activity demonstration site” candidate group 1.Fire Duty Station 2, Dongguan Street, Guangling District, Yangzhou city.Xuzhou city to control the rental “Lei Feng fleet” 3.State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power (Gaochun Cittaslow) Communist Party Member Service Team 4.Taizhou Experimental Primary School “Teacher mother” team 5.Jingkou Road Community, Zhengdong Road Street, Zhenjiang City.Suzhou Kunqu Opera Education and Communication Center for Minors 7.Yancheng Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment of a brigade jianjun road women squadron 8.Nantong Chongchuan District People’s Court 9.Jiangsu New Energy Development Co., LTD. “Small windmill” youth service team 10.Changzhou Children’s Welfare Home special Education class jiangsu province “post learning Lei Feng model” candidate 1.Lv Hongwei Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Water Water Branch Xiaguan Police Station Yangtze River Bridge emergency rescue camp point 4 senior police sergeant 2.Wu Kai party Branch Secretary and President of Xuyi Qiuconcentric School of Huai ‘an.Du Yongliang, Deputy Director of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Department, Deputy Secretary of Internal Medicine Party Branch and Secretary of the First Party Branch of Xukuang Group General HospitalZhou Yan Party Secretary of Nanjian Community, Beidajie Subdistrict, Liangxi District, Wuxi city 5.Li Yingge Curator of Yandu District Mass Culture and Art Museum, Yandu District Cultural Center Party Branch Secretary 6.Lu Zhenghong, Shengli Community Nurse 7, Linhuai Town, Sihong County, Suqian City.Jinchen Suzhou Bus Group Co., LTD. 933 bus driver 8.Ju Xin, no. 1 senior middle school teacher of Jingjiang city, principal of Jingjiang Pure Heart Environmental and Cultural Exchange Center 9.Engineer 10, Map Compilation Department, Basic Geographic Information Center of Wang Xin Province.Yang Hongping Lianyungang city GanYu district people’s procuratorate fourth procuratorial department director and prosecutors The CPC jiangsu provincial party committee propaganda department Civilization office of jiangsu province February 9, 2022 statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com