“Liver disease health tips” Chinese New Year dinner party needs attention!

2022-04-28 0 By

This year, due to the epidemic, local governments are encouraging the Spring Festival to be celebrated locally. Many young people may not be able to go home, or they may not be able to cook, so they can only go out to eat with a few friends to welcome the New Year.The culture of dining together has been prevailing for a long time in Our country.However, if the shared tableware is not sanitary, it is easy to be infected with bacteria and viruses, causing diseases.Many people worry that if they eat out often, they will be infected with hepatitis.To answer this question, we first need to understand hepatitis correctly.Hepatitis, is a very broad concept, liver function injury can become hepatitis.We are more familiar with hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, d, e belong to viral hepatitis, is caused by viral infection of the liver damage.Besides, still have blame virus sex hepatitis, we are familiar with sex hepatitis of adipose sex hepatitis, alcohol, medicated sex hepatitis, oneself immunity hepatitis and the hepatitis of unidentified reason to wait, they belong to the member in hepatitis.Only virus sex hepatitis ability has infectivity in hepatitis, other hepatitis is not infected.Hepatitis of 5 kinds of virus sex, armour, second, third, ding, five, because it is the hepatitis that different virus causes, the clinical process after its transmission way and infection is not phase is same.Hepatitis A and E are diseases transmitted through the digestive tract, or “through the mouth.”It can be spread by contaminated hands, food or water.In life, we should pay attention to food hygiene, wash hands frequently before meals, can reduce the probability of hepatitis A and E infection.Hepatitis B and C are transmitted through blood and body fluids.Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood, mother to child, sex and damaged skin and mucous membrane, among which the most important way of transmission is mother to child transmission.Tooth extraction and cosmetic surgery in informal institutions, eyebrow tattooing, tattooing or sharing a needle can also put you at risk.As a special type of hepatitis, hepatitis D must be attached to hepatitis B virus to replicate and survive.Therefore, only on the basis of hepatitis B infection can be infected with TYPE D virus hepatitis.Of all viral hepatitis, infection with TYPE D is relatively rare.In general, you must be careful when eating out and choose restaurants with hygienic conditions.Must wash hands before repast, such ability can avoid hepatitis in all respects.Of course, in order to better prevent and control the COVID-19 outbreak, it is recommended that people eat out less!