Hunan recent high hair!Nearly 20 patients were admitted during the Spring Festival holiday, and the doctor reminded them

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During the Spring Festival holiday this year, the weather in Changsha is mainly low temperature, rain, snow and ice. Many citizens choose to enjoy the happiness of reunion by surrounding their families with coal stoves, charcoal fire POTS and gas heaters.Little do they know, behind the warmth hidden huge security risks.Changsha No. 3 Hospital treated nearly 20 carbon monoxide poisoning patients during the Spring Festival.On January 31, the New Year’s Eve, sleet and snow made Changsha even colder.Mr Zhang (pseudonym) is preparing for the reunion dinner in the evening.To keep the incoming relatives warm, Mr. Zhang closed the doors and Windows and lit a coal stove to heat up the house.At 6 p.m., the relatives arrived.When he opened the door, he found Mr. Zhang lying on the ground vomiting, his hands clenched fists, shaking all over. His relatives did not respond to their cries, and his wife was lying on the ground unconscious.Relatives quickly dial 120 to send the couple to changsha third Hospital.Tests showed that Mr. Zhang and his wife had significantly increased concentrations of carbon and oxygen hemoglobin, increased white blood cells, transaminase, and abnormal eeg.Han Wei, deputy chief physician of emergency medicine department, diagnosed Mr. Zhang and his wife as acute carbon monoxide poisoning based on their medical history and clinical manifestations, and immediately gave oxygen inhalation, infusion and hyperbaric oxygen treatment.On New Year’s Eve, a 61-year-old woman, surnamed Li, was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning at a nearby hospital after suffering from dizziness, headache, nausea and suffering from burning a charcoal stove at home all day.As there was no hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the hospital, Li was transferred to changsha No. 3 Hospital for hyperbaric oxygen treatment.”Most of the patients developed discomfort after using charcoal fire for heating at home, and many of the carbon monoxide poisoning patients were transferred to our hospital for hyperbaric oxygen treatment due to limited local treatment conditions.”Li Guojun, director of the department of emergency medicine, said carbon monoxide poisoning is most common in winter, when coal, charcoal and gas are used for heating in confined Spaces.Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. It makes the blood of the human body lose its ability to carry oxygen, causing the body’s tissues to be deprived of oxygen and, in severe cases, death.Accordingly, citizen friend should avoid to use charcoal fire, gas inside airtight environment to warm oneself, check regularly liquefied kitchen in the home and gas pipeline whether existence leakage case, water heater of gas does not install as far as possible inside the bathroom, do not use air conditioning for a long time inside the car that stops running.After carbon monoxide poisoning occurs, patients should be taken to hospital for oxygen inhalation and hyperbaric oxygen treatment immediately after being released from a closed environment as soon as possible.Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a process in which patients are pressurized in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to inhale high concentrations of oxygen to treat diseases.Hyperbaric oxygen treatment can let the oxygen in the blood dissolve, relieve the situation of hypoxia in the body, reduce the harm of carbon monoxide to the human body to the greatest extent.Edit: Xie Lina copyright belongs to the original author, salute to the original