China VS Vietnam: general Qi Zan wang Shuang before the war, sonorous rose to bloom at the peak of Asia

2022-04-28 0 By

Tomorrow evening 8:00, The Chinese women’s football team will face Vietnam women’s football team in the women’s football quarter-final, before the game began, Shui Qingxia coach and Wang Shanshan of China women’s football team no. 7 Wang Shuang gave a high evaluation, Wang Shanshan is confident that the Chinese women’s football team will win the championship as the ultimate goal.During the Spring Festival holiday, let’s look forward to the Chinese rose blooming at the peak of Asia.The Chinese women’s football team will soon play against Vietnam. The coach Shui Qingxia said that the Asian women’s football team has distinct characteristics and gives full play to the fast and flexible characteristics of Asian football.When it comes to the match, Shui qingxia said the team is trying different midfield combinations and making technical, tactical and emotional adjustments.Different tactics and personnel will be used depending on the opponent.Referring to the team’s main striker Wang Shuang, Shui Qingxia said that Wang Shuang is a very technical characteristics of the player, dare to express themselves on the field.Finally, the coach also hopes that the team can overcome difficulties and keep moving forward.Judging from the statement of water coach, the Chinese women’s football team is now fully staffed, and the preparation of tactical routines and relevant plans has been in place. It is not difficult to achieve the goal of “definitely winning MEDALS” in Pu Wei’s explanation.Wang Shanshan looked forward to the game to win: Wang Shuang is a model of the whole team, preparing for the war with me as the main coach full of confidence, players naturally also ready.Wang Shanshan said the team is now ready, and Wang Shuang is the team’s role model.To tell the truth, Wang Shanshan’s technical and tactical characteristics for The Vietnamese team, is a very big threat, therefore, Wang Shanshan and Wang Shuang can score many goals in this game, and finally win the Asian Cup golden boots, is also a big watch in the next game.If China women’s football team wants to win against Vietnam women’s football team, the most important thing is to do well. As long as you can play normally, Vietnam team is just a “stepping stone” on the way to win the championship of China women’s football team.