A man spent 7,000 yuan as a gift for his pet dog to learn how to behave

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Dogs and people are friends.”Dogs were domesticated from gray wolves, and humans domesticated them 40,000 to 15,000 years ago,” the scientists said.According to animal experts, there are many types of dogs, including: spectator dogs, display dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, medical dogs, nursing dogs, guide dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, traffic dogs, show dogs, laboratory dogs, etc.Because dogs have evolved at different levels, different dogs have different intelligence.According to scientific calculations, the border Collie has the highest IQ, followed by the poodle, German Shepherd, golden retriever, Doberman, Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador, Spaniel, Rottweiler, Australian Shepherd, etc., while the rest of the breed is not ranked.Mr Shen, from Shanghai, said: “I am a pet lover and I have a Labrador retriever who is my companion and I give it a nice name – Tangtang.I have had this dog for four years and have a deep affection for him.Generally speaking, this dog is very obedient and will not bite people.But then, in August, it hit me.”Mr Shen continued: “One day in August, I was feeding the dog because it was a piece of beef and there was a stick in it. When the dog finished eating the meat, I was afraid the stick would puncture his mouth, so I tried to pull it out and the dog bit my hand.There was a gash in my hand and blood was pouring out.””The dog bit me,” Shen continued. “I quickly pulled my hand back and the dog chewed the stick.That means my dog has a strong bite.”In November, his pet Candy bit his father’s hand.At that time, the whole family was eating, and Sugar candy was watching.When Shen dad’s hand touched sugar sugar, sugar suddenly bit in dad’s hand, hard to bite.Shen said that because his father’s injury was very serious, so his father was injected with a globulin at the same time as the vaccine.After this incident, he has been aware of the seriousness of the problem.What if someone else gets hurt, he thought?We need to find a way to stop Candy from biting people.Ms Shen concluded: “I asked a friend how they could not bite and they told me that there are now many pet training companies that can teach them basic manners and change them back to their original form.I took a friend’s advice and paid Sugar Candy seven thousand dollars to train.”Such courses run 40 days a week and are taught by teachers who teach not only “etiquette” but also skills, Shen said.More than 40 days later, Tang tang finally successfully “graduated”, which took Sugar sugar back to school.Shen added that on January 12, 2022, when he was feeding Tangtang, he saw scraps of meat scattered on the ground and went to pick them up, but tangtang bit him again.You know, Candy candy but “excellent student”, only “graduated” three days ah!Shen went on to say that after Tangtang bit him again, he immediately contacted a pet training company, where one of the trainers told him that Tangtang had a big reaction and had not fully learned it.Shen posted a post on his micro blog, which aroused heated discussion among many netizens.Is labrador a companion dog?Who told you that?Labrador is a vicious hunting dog. Why should he be his companion?This kind of hounds, originally is used to hunt, is not used to raise, and, the intelligence quotient of these hounds is not high, light training ten days, can let its personality change?It was stupid.Netizen Dongbula: ha ha, you haven’t paid enough tuition!You only need to pay 7,000 yuan tuition fee to transform a dog with the sixth highest IQ?Won’t you?You should scrape together more money to keep your dog in school!Anyway, the Internet is buzzing.What are your views on the matter?Feel free to leave a comment below!