Threatening to blow up the Three Gorges Dam?American blow “cowhide” by Chinese boy hit in the face!

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丨 yi yi wen 丨 trial for a long time, the United States military strength is remarkable, with a “the father of the missile can be played in dozens of meters of concrete, a missile can seriously tens of millions of people, even some people say that the missile to destroy the three gorges dam, but our country guy a recruit the enemy, this is what circumstance?How good are American burrows?When it comes to weapons, what comes to mind is nuclear weapons, which are still feared today because of the shadow cast by the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the US military during World War II.Therefore, in modern wars, countries still choose conventional weapons, which leads to countries are still committed to improving the deterrence of conventional weapons, and the “ancestor of missile” of the United States is one of the rare high-power weapons in the country, and also the “secret weapon” of the Us military.The missile is designed to counter nuclear weapons and increase deterrence.At a time when countries were trying to increase the survival rate of nuclear weapons, either by hiding them in submarines or underground, the United States was trying to develop this powerful burrowing bomb.The bomb is designed to direct fire to the target by detonating a ring of open explosive, giving the enemy no chance to escape.Bomb shelters have been built in Baghdad as refugees have been displaced by the war in Iraq.Actually these refugees to this situation is bad enough, the United States has no reason to deal with them anymore, but us don’t know from which hides the terrorists got these refugees, so they fired a missile at shelters, explosion temperature as high as more than 4500 degrees, all objects in the air raid shelter in an instant into a gas.Many people are deeply wondering why the United States dare not attack the aircraft carrier with such powerful ground-penetrating missiles.Experts point out that the reason why ground-penetrating missiles dare not attack aircraft carriers is because there are many “bodyguards” around the aircraft carriers, and there is no chance for them to get close.Since then, the United States did not give up the idea of developing the drill bomb, the latest development of the drill bomb — GBU57 giant drill bomb, known as the “ancestor of missiles”, can easily pass through concrete, missile fully three tons of weight, containing 2.7 tons of explosives.If there’s an explosion, you can imagine the force.That’s why the Americans clamor that their ground-penetrating bombs “can blow up the Three Gorges Dam”.But the truth is, Americans are just having a good time. They can’t blow up the Three Gorges Dam.No matter how much the Americans brag about their ground-penetrating projectiles these days, the Chinese guys can handle them with ease, bouncing them back with a newly developed special cement.Some information reference source: Huai ‘an Radio and Television