The connection nine an medical chairman, 10 times the ox behind the story

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Three trading days after the Spring Festival, ten times the ox jiuan medical gains two daily limit.On The evening of July 7, the company issued a change announcement, saying that the company’s production and operation situation is normal recently, and there has been no major change in the internal and external business environment.The next day, the secretary of the company said in interactive yi, production capacity, the company will take into account market conditions, orders, raw material supply, labor supply and other factors, reasonable arrangements for production related matters.Fierce stock price, so that nine medical care in the secondary market attention, also quite questioned.Antigen self test box is not the exclusive secret recipe, why is jiuan medical leading the way?How true is the huge order?How does the company meet the demand for orders?In the post-epidemic era, how do listed companies plan for long-term development?With a lot of hot issues, Shanghai Securities News reporters recently interviewed the exclusive line of jiuan medical chairman Liu Yi.Liu Yi, chairman of Jiuan Medical, Shanghai Securities News: The company was not focused on in vitro testing before the enterprise, how did the decision to advance the layout of self-testing field come?Liu Yi, Chairman of Jiuan Medical:Company in research and development, production, sales, blood pressure, blood glucose meter, the forehead thermometers and other home, on the basis of medical apparatus and instruments, medical services from the Internet solution provider transformation, the company in 2011 to launch its first with the electronic sphygmomanometer and got the apple’s strong support, silicon valley in the United States set up the iHealth U.S. subsidiary,It has successively launched intelligent IOT products for personal medical and health, covering areas such as blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram and body fat. It has also begun to explore the mode of chronic disease management and launched a new mode of diabetes diagnosis and care “O+O”.In late January 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic was just spreading, the company responded quickly, which was the time for a medical enterprise to express its attitude, show its responsibility and make contributions. It did not stop, did not slow down, did not increase a cent, and fully supported public health and epidemic prevention.After supporting the first half of domestic quarantine efforts, the company began supporting the second half of overseas quarantine efforts, focusing on the U.S. market.It was important to have the epidemic emergency supplies in stock, and our American subsidiary could deliver them within 24 hours at that time, so the sales of thermometer in the United States increased rapidly, and the iHealth brand became a household name there.In the process of selling thermometer in the United States, we thought of masks, antigen kits and other anti-epidemic materials.Because the company has done early pregnancy test paper, blood sugar test paper such in vitro detection reagents, reserve a certain technology and team.In September 2020, we learned that the UK had started to use household COVID-19 testing kits in large numbers as public health products, but the US had not yet started to use them in large numbers. We thought this was a great opportunity.As a result of the thermometer experience, exercise the company team, so the company in this matter is determined to win.Company has subsidiaries in the United States and the team, familiar with the FDA’s related situation, convenient for application in all kinds of matters and the FDA real-time communication and feedback, and can carry out related work in the states, the U.S. team played a “battle”, according to the requirements of the FDA to complete the related work, including clinical trials, eventually won the FDA EUA authorization.To our surprise, the FDA’s approval for emergency use of products was much slower than we expected. So far, 12 companies have been approved for OTC kits for COVID-19 self-testing.Shanghai Securities News: The company said on the interactive platform in mid-November 2021, “The kit has started mass production and has been popular in the United States;It has a capacity of 100 million people per month and is estimated to increase to 200 million people per month by early 2022.”In fact, at that time had not received a large order, the company why release capacity news?Liu Yi: FDA communicated with the company about production capacity before EUA authorization.According to the calculation at that time, considering China’s good epidemic control, manufacturing capacity and supply chain capacity, as well as the production difficulty of the product, we estimated that the monthly production capacity at that time could reach about 100 million people, and estimated that the monthly production capacity at the beginning of 2022 could reach about 200 million people.For information on capacity, FDA publishes it on its website.But just to remind you, capacity and output are not the same thing.This premise is that the input of product expansion can be realized by increasing labor. Compared with the expansion of electronic products of our company, the input and complexity are smaller and the speed is relatively fast.And if the future production is reduced, there is no need to continue to invest in labor costs and expenses, so the adjustment is relatively flexible.Shanghai Securities News: As far as we know, some enterprises in the market have received OEM contracts from Jiuan Medical.Liu Yi: Yes, we have cooperative OEM enterprises.Shanghai Securities News: How to ensure the quality of OEM products?Liu Yi: The company attaches great importance to this problem, and sends employees to the OEM factory to strictly control the quality to ensure the quality.Shanghai Securities News: The price of melt-blown cloth, an important raw material for masks, skyrocketed due to a shortage. Will self-testing kits face the same problem?Does the price of upstream raw materials fluctuate with demand?Does the company produce its own raw materials?Liu Yi: Upstream raw materials are purchased.In the past two years, domestic enterprises have also exported and sold kit products to overseas markets on a large scale, and the production capacity of the supply chain has also increased. The supply of raw materials is relatively stable, with fluctuations occurring with supply and demand, but the impact is not big at present.Shanghai Securities News: Is the us subsidiary responsible for the sales of Jiuan medical products in the US?Liu Yi: Yes.Let’s be modest and say that the iHealth brand now has a certain brand awareness in the United States, often covered by the American media.Our products compete with world-class companies such as Abbott, BD, Roche and Siemens. In the kit procurement of HHS (purchased by ACC on behalf of ACC) in the United States, our American company has also signed a purchase contract of 250 million people. Local media has reported relevant, and listed companies have also issued announcements.It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen by sheer luck.The US subsidiary was established by us in 2011. After 11 years of investment and accumulation, the outbreak of the current subsidiary is also the continuation of the success of iHealth thermometer products in the US market last year. IHealth brand has experienced long-term market promotion and has established a certain foundation in terms of users and other aspects.Shanghai Securities NEWS: The us companies abbott laboratories, Roche and Siemens all have approved rapid test kits. If these companies turn to Chinese companies for OEM manufacturing in the future, will our dividend period be shortened?Liu Yi: Yes, the dividend is for a period of time, and the epidemic will end.We Chinese enterprises are confident that we can compete fairly.The sales of our kit products have also been announced in the early stage.Single from the packaging design of the product, packaging design at a glance, very eye-catching.Another problem is that if these enterprises come to China to find OEM factories, their decision-making and negotiation process should also take time.In the United States, this product is needed right now.In short, we are not afraid to compete with these enterprises.Shanghai Securities News: Once the epidemic abroad is under control, will the sales of this self-testing kit tend to be stable just like the thermometer?Liu Yi: Yes, that’s for sure.It cannot be expected to maintain sales at the peak of the pandemic.However, like the thermometer, after the epidemic, iHealth brand will come into contact with more C-terminal users in the market, and its brand awareness will be greatly improved, which is more conducive to promoting other products of the company.Shanghai Securities News: The company has stated in the risk notice that the US has the right to cancel the contract at any time, and some investors may question the authenticity and reliability of the contract.Liu Yi: Although it is inconvenient to disclose for reasons related to trade secrets, the cooperation contract is put on record in the exchange system when the company makes an announcement, and it exists.Both parties signed the contract based on the willingness of cooperation, but this risk (contract cancellation) is objective, our risk reminder is to let the majority of investors pay attention to the risk, rational investment.Our colleagues in charge of relevant business have close contact with all purchasing parties, continuous communication and active performance of the contract.Shanghai Securities News: after the company’s profit increase, what is the next development plan?Liu Yi: There are two core strategies: one is the promotion of the “O+O” new model of diabetes diagnosis and care in China and the United States;The other is to continue to launch the most cost-effective products on new retail platforms.In the field of Internet medical care, Jiuan Medical has persisted for 11 years.We believe that by using mobile Internet and Internet of things, medical services can be extended from hospitals to families.Through the establishment of a doctor-centered care team, chronic disease management and diagnosis and treatment will be extended from the hospital to the outside, from the offline to the online.In October 2016, we launched the “O+O” new model for diabetes diagnosis and care. Now, we are managing diabetes patients in 47 cities and about 150 hospitals in China in this way. The hba1c compliance rate of enrolled patients has increased from the baseline 35.75% to 72.31%, and the defect rate has decreased to less than 5%.The standard management rate reached 71.31%.We also work with 40 clinics in the United States.The company plans to build care centers in partnership with 600 hospitals in China over the next three years.Before our many years of buckle non net profit are negative, mainly continue to firmly in this above investment, exploration, progress.We want people to really understand what we’re doing, and to read the company in depth.Jiuan Medical will continue to cooperate with many medical institutions to set up care clinics in more cities, sign more doctors, and strive to improve the number of patients serving diabetes and form a professional diabetes care management system.We will do what we think makes sense and can solve the problem of the Internet medical enterprise.