Nanjing is planning a new subway, which is expected to be operational in 2025, and will improve the city’s transportation network

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Nanjing is planning a new subway, which is expected to be open to traffic in 2025, and will improve the urban traffic network. Nanjing is under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province, and the city also has its own characteristics and pride, and the annual passenger flow is also very large.In Jiangsu province, suzhou and Nanjing are leading the way, and these two cities have created new highs in local economic growth.Therefore, these two cities have always been very important. For a city with good development, traffic is a very big problem. Only when the traffic keeps up with the pace of The Times can the city go further and further.In our daily life, there are many ways to travel, if simply riding a bicycle, or a waste of time, if the bus, driving family car, it is easy to traffic jam in the morning peak and evening peak, but also a waste of time.At this time reflects the importance of a subway, fast speed does not say the price is cheap, Nanjing planning of the new subway has been put on the agenda, is expected to operate in 2025 when open to traffic, will improve the city’s transportation network.Nanjing Metro Line 11 is the local new planned subway line. The superior department also divided it into two construction projects in the planning process, and one part of them should be built first. Nanjing Metro Line 11 is also about 27 kilometers long.In this Nanjing subway no. 11, there are a total of 20 underground and ground stations, its speed is also very fast, can travel 80 kilometers an hour, if there are friends who go out in a hurry, take the subway is also ok, children do not have to worry about being late for school and school.Nanjing Metro Line 11 also passes through various regions, including some places that can be played. On the way, you can calm down and wait for the destination with peace of mind.In this line, you can also go to the school of the university, you can also go to the surrounding park, if you want to go to the shopping mall, you can also stop in Pudong Wanhui City, about a friend procurement.The stations of Nanjing Metro Line 11 are very reasonable. The crowds of these stations are already dense, and the subway will only make people’s travel more convenient.Now it is expected that Nanjing Metro Line 11 will be opened to the public in 2025, and the city’s transportation network will become more perfect by then.In fact, there are many scenic spots in Nanjing. Qinhuai River is a very famous local river in Nanjing.Pearl Spring scenic area scenery is also good, here can also camping, there are a lot of wild animals, the ancient Jiming Temple is also good, has a very long Buddhist culture.In addition, Nanjing xuanwu Lake, Laoshan National Forest Park, Yuhuatai Scenic Spot and so on, the scenery is second to none.Would you like to come to Nanjing to see the development of nanjing?