First in history!Still in his prime at 37, Durant may not be able to retain his scoring crown

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Lebron James is averaging 29.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 1.6 steals and 1.1 blocks per game on 52.2 percent, 35.2 percent and 75.9 percent shooting, respectively.In a single season in NBA history, more than 5 a shot cut off all 28 + scoring player, lebron James this season is the oldest one (37), this stage, at the age of 34-36 league no one can do it, 33, is Kevin durant, Bryan English is more forward and 31, 32, Bryan English larry bird.Since took 3 years to identity to join the NBA, James after 19 years and maintained stable 20 + 5 + 5 data, James is averaging only 25 points last season, was also thought may have been dying, but no thought in this season he has ushered in the “inverse growth”, due to the heavy eyebrows injury, the lakers under the command of vogel,The team featured five small teams, with James as the starting center, and he not only filled that position perfectly, but took the opportunity to increase his points per game.James went from 23.8 points per game in October, 27.5 in November, 30.7 in December, and 30.3 in January, which is hard to imagine for a 37-year-old veteran.James, in fact, both the body and the ball maker, absolutely is the most top league one, from the beginning of the career of a will only sunk into the paint on the rampage of tender head, step by step, can change to the good shots all-around star, in the case of league football trends in upheaval, James also follow the trend, began to pay attention to himself in the perimeter of the projection,After averaging five or more three-point attempts per game in his lakers years, James has shot a career-high 7.9 attempts per game this season.While he’s not nearly as explosive as he was in his prime, James is still making up for the decline in his body with his game, using his three-point shooting to keep his offense going.Looking at the two top scorers of his generation, Dwyane Wade has long since retired and Melo is no longer the “Anlub” warriors of his time, but James, at age 37, is only 0.2 points behind Durant, the league’s leading scorer.With Durant expected to be sidelined for more than a month and then acclimating to his injury, Lebron James could turn him over and lead the league in scoring.To be a scoring champion at age 37, lebron is still in his prime.James doesn’t really care if he wins the scoring title.Lebron has only one scoring title in his career, and lebron said in an interview that if he wanted to win it, he could win it every season.But scoring titles aren’t his goal. Winning a championship is his goal.And James’ strongest ability isn’t scoring, it’s versatility.He’s one of the best passers, best defenders in the league.Because of that, James was able to go from the 1 to the 5.James started his career as a small forward, joined the Heat to play a big forward, the Lakers have played point guard, this season also played center, worthy of the all-around title.This season The reason why James scoring skyrocketing impact scoring king, is also a little helpless.Russell was injured, Westbrook was inconsistent, role players were going to go from game to game, lebron didn’t score, who’s going to score?Fortunately, now that He’s back, Lebron has seen the light of day.With the form James has shown this season, his retirement could be a long, long time coming.James has one wish: when his son enters the NBA, father and son can play together.It was up to Brownie or Bryce to make that happen.