19 to demote!The 15th zero hour, Heilongjiang Suifenhe whole area low risk

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In accordance with the provisions of the Joint COVID-19 prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council and the comprehensive assessment of the expert group, starting from midnight on February 15, 2022,Will bring thousands of garden plot, environmental protection bureau, great luck or blessing, good luck, inc., 2 fund-raising, the construction of building, beautiful longquan 8 floor, flag YuanJiaYuan area C, xin yi pure grain and oil company, spring dragon farmers’ markets, colorful floor 7 units, old women’s and children’s hospital 3 units, rich HaiRong huayuan 13, to raise 1 floor 4 units, city xin village on the 8th floor, garden district no. 3 floor, funing ya ju 1The risk level of building 7, Building 9 of Yingze Lidu Phase iii and Building 7 of Yangguang Community was adjusted from medium to low.After the adjustment, Suifenhe is a low-risk area. According to the situation of the epidemic and the needs of prevention and control, the normal management of residential communities will be restored in a graded and classified manner.Source CCTV news client editor Xie Yongli intern editor Zhao Siyao process editor Liu Weili