Xingan Agricultural Reclamation carried out “women” skills training to help rural revitalization

2022-04-26 0 By

February 26, xing ‘an Agricultural Reclamation high-quality farmers and herdsmen training “to strengthen the country, I help rural revitalization” women’s hand knitting training class successfully concluded, from the whole system of various companies (farm and pasture) nearly 100 women participated in the training.The 4-day training class invited Xingunita Party School public administration teaching and Research Office director, law professor Wang Yunfang from the civil Code of women’s rights and interests protection law, marriage and family, combined with classic cases for participants to teach a vivid law class;Xingunita manual production lecturer Li Xiulan, right front flag strong grass heritage handicraft professional cooperative lecturer Liu Lijuan team to focus on class and hand in hand on-site guidance practice operation combined, detailed explanation of the hook weaving, corn leaf weaving skills, students are interested in high, while learning while asking, competing for excellence than first.The women and sisters of each farm and pasture who participated in the training said, “Through this hand-knitting training, it will provide a new platform for Xing ‘an Agricultural Reclamation to develop characteristic industries in the next step, which can effectively play the role of women ‘half the sky’ and transform ‘fingertip skills’ into’ fingertip economy ‘.”After 4 days of theoretical practice training, participants in the training on the basis of improving their own quality, employment skills, stimulate the endogenous power to become rich.At the same time, the training helps students to establish a long-term plan, order recycling products after learning, so as to enhance the awareness and ability of students from beginners to strong, guarantee the effectiveness of training, to help rural revitalization, to achieve the dream of building a platform.Photo and text: Yang Xiuhong Responsible editor: Haifu Review: Liao Tong