Wang Yibo: In the final of men’s individual standard platform of winter Olympic Ski jumping, I heard “no feeling”!

2022-04-26 0 By

See Beijing Winter Olympics skiing competition, suddenly heard the background music is Wang Yibo “no sense”!Wang Yibo’s work broke the circle again!Wang Yibo is everywhere.Wang Yibo’s “No Sense” was played in the winter Olympics, and the background music was full of rhythm. It was a perfect match.# Wang Yibo Winter Olympic Culture Promotion Ambassador # Wang Yibo Snow and ice Sports promotion Ambassador # In the “Winter Olympic Ski Jumping men’s individual Standard platform final”, heard the “no feeling”!Wang Yibo wrote the lyrics “No sense” : “The road of adversity sees the future”, “Stand up after falling down”;Don’t live left and right, still can talk about the wonderful life!”;”No sense gives me a brave heart not to fear Yeah”;The sun goes down and the lights are on at night “;”Don’t be easily defeated by emotion, just keep no feeling” ~ put the mentality, keep in good times, turn over adversity, despair rebirth, in any state there is a want to win the heart and action.I have to say, it’s really positive!Use non-inductive describe player game also is very suitable, I personally think this song and competitive sports adaptation degree is quite high, as for the athletes, the voice of the otc and stress how to do keep non-inductive, once only champion theory and cold heart, many people does the title of the moment in applause and the crowd is also a kind of “hidden trouble” no ever-victorious generals of competitive sports,When you are praised too high may also be praised you those people fall more hard, so no emotion is also an effective adjustment, very in line with the Olympic spirit!Together with Wang Yibo cheer for the Olympic athletes!