There are many strange customs about Cambodian gender culture

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1. Agriculture is the most popular industry in Cambodia, while other industries are light industry and service industry.As a result, many men are unemployed, stay at home with their children, or work in textiles or service industries.It has long been said that in Cambodia men are lazy and women feed men.This may be because different national conditions, men are not born at the right time.2. Many Families in Cambodia are very large and usually have a large number of children. I think this may be one of the reasons for their poverty.Some Cambodians have as many as a dozen siblings in their families!Most of them live in the countryside.3. From primary school to university in Cambodia, there are only half-day classes. Students can choose to go to school in the morning or in the afternoon.Family conditions are good, they will choose to go to a school in the morning, another school in the afternoon.You can even get a diploma from two universities.4, can not wear shoes into the toilet!No shoes in the toilet!No shoes in the toilet!It’s so important that it should be repeated for three times.Of course, you can wear shoes when going to the toilet in public now, but if you go to the home of a traditional Cambodian friend, it is good to observe this rule.5. In Cambodia, where the temperature is high all year round, slippers are the local people’s favorite, while flip-flops in suits are the norm. Therefore, Cambodians, whether children, adults or the elderly, have a big gap between their big toe and second toe.Moreover, to the Cambodian home guest, must not disc, or it is on behalf of the host hospitality.It is very impolite to pass something to a Cambodian with your left hand.In Cambodia, white is a symbol of death, and white clothes are equivalent to mourning clothes in China, which is very unlucky. If you wear white clothes on the street, people will feel unlucky and avoid you.In addition, in the eyes of Cambodians, the right hand is pure and holy, while the left hand is dirty and filthy, so it is considered unlucky and impolite to pass food, goods or touch a child’s head with the left hand.7. Touching the top of a child’s head is considered unfriendly and buddhist Cambodians believe it will bring disaster to the child.8. In the Karen tribe of Cambodia, fathers often encourage their teenage daughters to have sex with different men, even building “sex huts” for their daughters when they are 9 to 13 years old.Cambodia do wedding in the woman’s home, women marry men, usually held for three days.After marriage, the man lives with the woman, do not want the car do not want the room, after marriage, partner mother-in-law, children with father surname, is the last stubborn!The locals also love having daughters.Cambodia is rich in beauty, get married without dowry and betrothal gifts, and live in the woman’s home after marriage.11. The phenomenon of “men ploughing and women weaving” is very common in Cambodia. Because of the relatively developed textile industry in Cambodia, many families are dominated by women working outside and men working inside.12, in Cambodia, women at the age of 6 or 7 will start to learn to smoke, because Cambodian people believe that smoking can make children understand the hardships of life, and strong smoke can make people sober, if the girl to 15 or 16 still can’t smoke, it will be considered not beautiful, or even immoral.Therefore, young girls in Cambodia must learn to smoke at all costs, otherwise they will be looked down upon in Cambodia.13, Cambodian girls before marriage to a period of cover date, during this period, the woman can only eat in their own room, bath, sleep, can not see any men, including their father and brothers can not see, at the same time, the woman is not allowed to eat fish and meat, in Cambodia in the cover date to eat fish and meat will encounter misfortune.The shelving date may be long or short, mostly 3 months, 6 months or a year.14. In some parts of Cambodia, girls have a “regret period” before marriage.During the “regret period”, girls are locked in their rooms by their parents and cannot see any men. The purpose is to make girls think clearly during this period, whether they marry or not, they will not regret it.In Cambodia, you will be looked down upon by the secular marriage.Cambodian girls are very beautiful, but do not marry a wife.Although say Chinese men are very popular in Cambodia, even set conditions generally also has a lot of girls like you, want to marry you go back to China with you, but the girl just received your money, if you take her back to China, they will constantly and you want this to that, and then sent home, if you don’t give, and you, or directly run home, very troubling.Cambodian girls are more open, no matter whether there is a boyfriend, as long as someone asks, there is no, so don’t ask, go with you!Cambodia’s entertainment industry is very developed, a variety of places are very many, but it is suggested not to go as far as possible, it is said that the pit is too much.Many people will say that the men who come to Cambodia have changed. It is a man’s paradise. It is a bit exaggerated.Indeed, there are many entertainment places like flower fields in colored areas, which are also very open. Few local people will go in, and they cannot afford to spend money. Generally, tourists from other places are curious.You can walk down the street and someone says three dollars, thirty thousand dollars, don’t believe it.