Sweep, paste Spring Festival couplets, hang lanterns!Putian welcomes the New Year in this way

2022-04-26 0 By

Putian after the Spring Festival is roughly from end tooth began to will kick “do old” sweep “tour, write Spring Festival couplets, stick couplets on the Spring Festival, red lantern” is a reporter to meet the Chinese Spring Festival is the essential link to the Chinese New Year Spring Festival walk Chen Yuqing former residence experience how putian person meet Spring Festival at the grass-roots level and tour to sweep “straw pole” labeled red paper began to tour to stick couplets on the Spring Festival couplets to write before the Spring Festival couplets to tear the old with the new Spring Festival coupletsSpring Festival couplets hang lanterns check lanterns arrange lanterns hang lanterns source: Putian Evening News Zhu Guoqing Recit: Yang Meiqin edit: Lin Rongyou