Only by having the courage to revolutionize ourselves can we win the initiative of history

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Xi Jinping: We are inspired by our achievements and inspired by our experience in the past century.I once talked about chairman MAO’s cave dwelling rivalry with Mr. Huang Yanpei. Only by having the courage to revolutionize ourselves can we win the initiative of history.This quote comes from President Xi Jinping’s New Year’s speech delivered in 2002.The CPC has gone through a glorious course of 100 years.Over the past 100 years, the CPC has grown from just over 50 members to more than 95 million today. It has overcome one great difficulty after another and achieved one great victory after another. It has stood up again and put things right after mistakes.The key to becoming a Marxist party that cannot be defeated or crushed lies in the fact that the CPC has never been shy about medical problems, has the courage to face up to problems and has the courage to make self-revolution, thus winning the initiative of history.The courage to carry out self-revolution is the most distinctive character of the COMMUNIST Party of China and its greatest strength.The century-old history of the Communist Party of China is a history of self-revolution.From the first program of the communist party of China, the first party constitution, to the central Soviet area started punishing corruption “first shot”, from after the founding of the first case against corruption, and then to a new era with unprecedented strength is the wind against ji to fight corruption, the communist party of China always adhere to the blade inward gouge, carrion, always adhere to the party to party, the comprehensive governing party,While promoting the social revolution, they carried out a thorough self-revolution and kept the political character of marxist parties forever.Strong political parties are forged through self-revolution.As a aspire to in one hundred with Chinese qiangiu great big parties, how forever advancement and purity, eternal youth vitality, how the endorsement and support of the people forever, how to jump out of the history of the rise and fall of governing revolution periodicity and realize the long-term ruling, has always been the communist party of China must solve good answer is good, a fundamental problem.More than 70 years ago, When MAO Zedong talked with Huang Yanpei, he gave the first answer: “Only when the people supervise the government can the government dare not relax.”After a century of hard work, especially since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the CPC has come up with a new answer: self-revolution.Practice has proved and will continue to prove that the COMMUNIST Party of China, which has the courage to carry out self-revolution, will win historic initiative and greater victory and glory on its new journey in the new era.This issue special expert: Zheng Chaohua Guangdong Provincial Party School (Guangdong Institute of Administration) Party construction Teaching and Research Department editor: Wenwen