He Jianhao went to huaiji Liang village to visit the ex-servicemen

2022-04-26 0 By

On January 19, in the upcoming Spring Festival, he Jianhao, vice chairman of the Municipal CPPCC, visited the former soldiers in Liangcun, Huaiji County, and sent them the care of the Party Committee and the government.City veterans affairs Bureau deputy director Luo Shihui, Huaiji County CPPCC vice Chairman Pan Zhican and other leaders accompanied condolences.He jianhao first visited mo Yongnian and Liang Ruxing, two elderly veterans with mobility difficulties, and talked with them and their families. He asked them about their physical condition, living security and employment of their children. He extended cordial greetings and high respect to them and presented them with condolence money and gifts.Then He Jianhao beam villages and towns government conference room and their high, Li Yunsheng, huang xing, Eunice li just four veterans has carried on the discussion, thank them for their the contribution and army building, conveyed greetings and care for them, the party committees and governments in zhaoqing city and to them a brief introduction to the recent development and changes of ZhaoQingHe bosom set.At the same time, he urged the ex-soldiers to pay attention to their health, continue to maintain the fine tradition and style of revolutionary soldiers, support the work of local Party committees and governments as always, and contribute to the rural revitalization of Zhaoqing and Huaiji.