A number of domestic players may change employers, naturalized players will return to the Chinese Super League if conditions are right

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Reporter Chen Yong reported that the national team disbanded in Shanghai on The 24th, and the training list for March was announced on the 22nd. Many players will have to reassemble until the final round of 12 matches against Oman at the end of March.The first transfer window of the season, currently scheduled from March 15 to April 15, means that during the training period, in addition to the test of the final 12, the international players will also have to solve their problems and make good arrangements for their future development.The latest squad has 39 players, including 34 local players, four non-naturalized players and one foreign player.According to the current situation, there will be more than 10 people who will change their positions during the transfer period. It is worth paying attention to their whereabouts.The Chinese Super League currently has three big players: Guangzhou (10), Taishan (8) and Guoan (5).Shandong Taishan, with eight international players, is the most stable, only Xu Xin is basically sure to leave, the next home is Shanghai Harbour team.Beijing Guoan, with five international players, is uncertain, and some international players are rumored to want to leave, but it is hard to make up your mind to leave because there are not many stable clubs to choose from in the Chinese Super League.There may be some turnover at Guangzhou, both of whom have been reported recently, and it is no secret that most of the international players in the squad would like a change of scenery based on their current salary announcements.The contract has expired with guangzhou team Liu Dianzuo, Deng Hanwen is basically determined next wuhan three towns, Liao Lisheng will join Taishan.There is also a possibility that Jiang Guangtai, who still has a contract, will leave. Currently, the club that meets his requirements is Seaport. Of course, other clubs that have the strength to undertake jiang Guangtai will join the competition.As for Zhang Linpeng and other players, there are other clubs concerned.Young Wu Shaocong, after two years of training, has made rapid progress and is also the target of some clubs.Dai Weijun of Shenzhen team, Jiang Shenglong of Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics and Wu Junmin of wuhan team are all likely to change their employers.Jiang shenglong, who spent last season on loan with Chongqing, is likely to return to Shanghai Shenhua.Hao Junmin is unlikely to stay in Wuhan because he is a good choice for some teams lacking veteran players.Dai Weijun’s situation is complicated, shenzhen team has made a lot of efforts for his naturalization, but now a CSL club is trying to “pick peaches”, which is obviously unacceptable to Shenzhen team, the progress of this matter is worth paying attention to.According to the news, the import side is trying to let Dai Weijun become a free agent through the arbitration process, which may bring a chain reaction in the CSL, causing a big impact, so Dai Weijun’s future is uncertain.There are 8 international players from Shanghai Haigang, Shanghai Shenhua, Changchun Yatai, Guangzhou City, Tianjin Jinmenhu and Dalian people. The situation is relatively stable at present.Non-blood naturalized international players are also the focus of some teams. The key is to register them as internal players. Even if each team can only have one “internal players” of this type, there is more room for the platoon to change.Current reports suggest that Shanghai Port are trying to sign Akerson and another naturalised player.From the theoretical analysis, Alan and Fernando are likely, Alan has been cautious and conscientious, has been widely recognized by the Chinese football community;Fenando some rebellious, but win in the young, this year but 29 years old, and his characteristics are very bright, his speed, his breakthrough, is a good choice to enrich the team attack system.For the national team, it would be good news if seaport could bring in two naturalised players.If Fernando stays in the Chinese Super League, then the national team will have a good attacking point in the future in the front field, at the age of 2023 Asian Cup, 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Fernando can play a role.As for Akerson and Alan, they can provide more help in the 2023 Asian Cup, the national team will have more choice of personnel.Luo guofu is unlikely to stay in the upper reaches of the Chinese Super League, but his advantage is that his salary is not high, and he has played in China for eight years, and still has a good athletic form, some teams in the lower and middle reaches of the Chinese Super League, including the First team, may try to buy after weighing up.