Watch out!Some people in the name of the “meta-universe” illegal fund-raising

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, some criminals in the name of “meta-universe investment project” and “meta-universe chain tour” to absorb funds, suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities.In this regard, the office of the inter-ministerial joint Conference on illegal fund-raising on the 18th issued a hint on the techniques and risks.I. Fabricating false investment projects in the universe.Some criminals hyped concepts such as game production, artificial intelligence and virtual reality related to the metauniverse, fabricated and packed high-tech investment projects with numerous names, publicized high returns falsely, took the opportunity to absorb public funds, and had the characteristics of illegal fund-raising and fraud.Second, under the banner of “meta universe blockchain game” fraud.Some criminals bundle the concept of “meta-universe”, claiming that “making money while playing the game” and “short investment cycle and high return”, and trick participants into investing by exchanging virtual currency and buying game equipment.This kind of game has a strong deceptive, there is a volume of money run away and other risks.Three, malicious speculation yuan universe real estate circle money.Some lawbreakers use the concept of metacosmic hot spots to render virtual real estate price expectations, artificially create the illusion of buying, luring into hoarding business, we must be alert to such speculative speculation risks.4. Illegally profiting from virtual currency in the meta-universe.Some lawbreakers are alleged to have sent virtual currency for the future “universal currency”, inducing the public to buy investment.Such “virtual currency” is often the spontaneous air currency of criminals, mainly through price manipulation, setting withdrawal threshold and other behind-the-scenes means of illegal profits.According to the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on illegal fund-raising, the above activities, under the banner of “meta-universe”, are highly attractive and highly deceptive, and participants are vulnerable to property losses.The public should enhance risk prevention awareness and recognition ability, beware of being cheated.If you find any clues of illegal activities, report them to the local authorities.Source: Xinhua