Take care to close the window with the umbrella!Changde rainstorm + wind + thunder + hail

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There will be a strong convective process during the day from 16th to 17th, local heavy rain, the public should pay attention to strengthen prevention.Rednet Changde moment March 16 (reporter Zhu Zhijiao) In the last week, Changde heat new height, spring out of the taste of early summer.But in today (March 16), the sky over Changde gradually turned gloomy, accumulated for several days of “anger”, will break out in the way of strong convection, according to the changde city meteorological station forecast, 16 ~ 17 days in the daytime a strong convection process, local heavy rain, the public should pay attention to strengthen prevention.From the afternoon of 16th to the morning of 17th, the precipitation was the strongest period, with moderate to heavy rain in the city, local heavy to rainstorm, accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorm gale and local small hail and other strong convective weather.The city’s surface rainfall of 20 ~ 50mm, the maximum size of the rain intensity of 40 ~ 60mm, thunder gusts of 7 ~ 8 level.Changde meteorological Observatory warned against the adverse impact of severe convective weather on transportation, agriculture and epidemic prevention and control during the daytime from 16th to 17th.Prevent local heavy rainfall may induce mountain torrents, geological disasters and urban waterlogging and other secondary disasters.Specific forecast: 16th: medium to heavy rain, local big to heavy rain, north wind 3 ~ 4, 13 ~ 22℃;17th: showers turn cloudy to cloudy, north wind 3 ~ 4 force, 7 ~ 15℃;18th: cloudy, south force 2 ~ 3, 8 ~ 14℃.