Ovarian cancer is a woman’s health “killer”, 4 knowledge many people do not know, early understanding early prevention

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When it comes to the types of cancer with a high incidence in women, many people will think of breast cancer and cervical cancer.It is true that these two types of cancer have a higher incidence in women.But ovarian cancer, which is often overlooked, can also be a major killer for women.Figures show that about 70 per cent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are already at an advanced stage, missing the best time for treatment.Ovarian cancer: Low profile, hidden Women’s ovaries are deep and have a lot of space around them, so that when a tumor appears on the ovary, there’s a lot of room to grow and it’s hard to show abnormal symptoms.Combined with the fact that few people pay attention to the problem, ovarian cancer can progress faster and more advanced.At this time there are often some abnormalities, but unfortunately, the best time for treatment has been missed.According to statistics, the incidence of ovarian cancer is on the rise every year, and the death rate remains at the top of the list of cancers among women.Because the cancer is stealthy and has a high recurrence rate, the five-year survival rate is only about 29 percent.As mentioned earlier, about 70 percent of ovarian cancer patients are found to be advanced, and 70 percent are likely to have a recurrence within 3 years.It is also a reminder that it is better to prevent ovarian cancer as early as possible rather than treat it after it has appeared.4 things to know about ovarian cancer Prevention. Many people don’t know the first point. Genetic screening of high-risk populations is currently able to identify genetic factors that cause ovarian cancer.When someone has a relative with ovarian cancer, 15 to 20 percent are likely to pass on the gene.If you are at high risk for ovarian cancer in Switzerland, you can choose to have genetic screening to see if you have the BRCA gene mutation and prevent it as soon as possible.The 2nd point, endocrine, smoking and drinking also may cause ovarian cancer to the woman, endocrine disorder, regular smoking and drinking may also disturb endocrine, causing damage to ovarian cancer thereby, increase the risk of ovarian cancer happening.Not only that, for obese, overweight women, the risk of ovarian lesions will be higher than ordinary people.If you don’t want to be targeted by ovarian cancer, you may be able to reduce your risk by paying attention to your lifestyle and weight.The third point, alert ovarian cancer symptoms have a lot of people in the early stage of ovarian cancer did not cause attention, there is abdominal distention, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and other symptoms, only think is abnormal digestive tract, and did not get effective treatment.These symptoms, in fact, may also be associated with ovarian cancer.In addition, with the continuous development of ovarian cancer, patients may also have unexplained body wasting, ascites, abdominal distention and other problems, and serious problems such as abnormal vaginal bleeding and lower limb edema. If accompanied by these symptoms, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to screen for ovarian cancer.For breast and cervical cancer, cancer screening usually begins around age 40.But for ovarian cancer, women over the age of 25 can have regular gynecologic exams or vaginal ultrasoundscan, as well as genetic screening or tumor marker screening for ovarian cancer if they are at high risk.Because this type of cancer is really subtle, it’s hard to see the signs if you rely solely on symptoms.And if you want to screen for this disease, a better way is to have regular check-ups, which can help detect problems early and treat them in time.Ovarian cancer is a major killer of women’s health, and there are four things that people should know about this hidden cancer, which may be detected and prevented early.2, 70% of patients at the time of initial diagnosis is already advanced, women must be vigilant against ovarian cancer!3. Dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, acne…Girl, your ovaries may be older than you