Loss, shareholder exit!Invested 5.5 billion Haikou Feng Xiaogang film Commune, but also worth a visit?

2022-04-25 0 By

I this hainan island self-drive tour, in haikou itinerary plan, visit mission Hills Feng Xiaogang film commune is one of the highlights.I am full of expectations for this trip, which comes from my love for Feng’s films, so I am also full of curiosity about where the films were shot.I bought a 198 yuan package ticket online, including several scenic spots such as 1942 Street, Nanyang Street, Dongfanghong and Fanghua Courtyard.For such a so-called live tourism, film and television shooting and physical business as one of the large-scale film theme park, but also the world’s first film and television base named after a famous director, such ticket prices, psychologically acceptable.As soon as I entered the scenic spot, my first impression was “depression”, perhaps because the day I came was not a holiday, there were almost no other tourists in the scenic spot.This instead makes people have a “through time and space” feeling, everything in the scenic area is more with a sense of The Times, but also more vivid.1942th street, just as its name implies, is feng movie “1942” shot, street construction follows block design construction of chongqing in the 1940 s, the ups and downs, the SLATE paving, the s restaurants, hotels, cinemas, cheongsam shops, Banks, post offices, government agencies, Jiang Gong mansion, etc from soup to nuts, can really experience full-bodied amorous feelings of the republic of China.At the end of the street in 1942 scenic spot, is the film “Youth” shot site, named “Youth Courtyard”.This courtyard really gave me a big surprise.When I stepped into this “art troupe” compound, there seems to be empty and quiet, looking at those familiar and unfamiliar buildings, they are permeated with memories of the past from their bones, time really seems to go back in time at that moment.”Art Troupe compound” has a sense of immersion, every detail can highlight the characteristics of The Times, is a place that can recall the memories of youth.Later, in the Dongfanghong Scenic area, all the street buildings reflect the appearance of downtown Beijing in the 1970s.Trams, state-run stores, theaters, even bicycle repair stalls, brine cooking and fire shops, Bridges, small theaters, city walls and gate buildings all exude the atmosphere of The Times, but it is too cold and empty, it is inevitable that people will feel sad when recalling the past time.Nanyang Street is another retro street of the Film Commune. The style of more than 70 buildings perfectly reproduces the style of haikou Arcade Street 100 years ago, as well as the elegant style of Tianjin Fifth Avenue.In Nanyang Street finally saw some young people dressed in retro clothes to take beautiful photos, their appearance to add some vitality here, have to say that the whole film commune is a perfect photography place, is absolutely a good place to produce a large film.For me, instead of tourists rarely is a good thing, because in such a place with a past time feeling the scenic spot, empty silence instead more tasty, before you know it would bring my thoughts to the s, stabbing, the impact on the heart is from my personal experience, feng xiaogang film commune trip will be an unforgettable experience.After the visit, I learned some information. Ten years ago, Feng Xiaogang and Huayi Brothers invested a huge sum of money to build this film commune. At the initial stage, people were optimistic and tourists came in an endless stream.But today, 10 years later, it has suffered a heavy loss, and its major shareholder huayi Brothers also announced its withdrawal, which is truly regrettable news.I paid special attention to the information about the Film Commune because I had a good impression from my visit. I also noticed the negative information about the 2022 New Year’s Eve activities of the Film Commune. I felt sorry for and worried about the film Commune, and sincerely hoped that the film Commune could improve its management and turn around its fortunes.One day, I hope it can attract more and more tourists and bring a better experience to everyone. If you have the chance, would you also go to see it?