Beating proxy drivers, driving on the wrong side of the road while drunk, assaulting police officers on the street…The driver of this Joan C car is in big trouble!

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11 February 23 PM haikou city public security bureau traffic police detachment after processing driver drunk together many times not to cooperate with the police to blow gas detection and take the way of assaulting a police officer seriously hinder the police law enforcement event at present, the man on suspicion of assaulting, dangerous driving two charges have been in accordance with the law to take coercive measures of criminal detention by the police of the case is under further investigation and handling involved vehicles have learned,At 23:00 on February 11th, haikou Public Security traffic police command center issued an order, said in Haikou City Longhua District Jinjinlong Hotel road section, there is a driver with license plate number qiongCY4XX6 suspected of drunk driving, please nearby police immediately on the scene to deal with.In haikou public security traffic police after receiving instructions and district police station police immediately rushed to the scene found that drivers as a whole with alcohol and has long been delirious and use of alcohol tester on the exhale on the type of alcohol detection but drivers as a whole not cooperate many times blow gas detection and take the way of assaulting a police officer seriously hinder the police law enforcement police on duty immediately take control measures to take drivers as a wholeTo the professional appraisal institution for blood tests showed drivers as a whole blood concentrations of ethanol content is 188 mg / 100 ml belongs to drunk driving motor vehicle as, 22 PM in the day, as a whole with friends in haikou QiongShan area after a restaurant drinking coconut sea avenue, call generation driving driving sent him back home is located in longhua district ng address community.But halfway, Ren Questioned the proxy driver detour and then beat and expelled the proxy driver off the train, then drove to the east railway station jinjinlong Hotel near the road section, because of its drinking after the implementation of driving the wrong way, illegal parking behavior, was reported by the public.At present, Ren Is suspected of assaulting police, dangerous driving two charges have been taken by the police criminal detention measures, the case is further investigation and processing