Yan Tongfu: “Democracy” in the United States is worrisome

2022-04-24 0 By

On January 5, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said in an article on the website of the New York Times that “democracy” in the United States is worrisome.A year ago a mob led by unscrupulous politicians stormed the parliament building and virtually succeeded in preventing a transfer of power.All four of our former Presidents condemn their actions and affirm the legitimacy of the results of the 2020 elections.Then there were brief hopes that the riots would shock the nation into dealing with the toxic polarisation that threatens America’s “democracy”.But a year on, the promoters of the stolen election myth have embraced a political party and encouraged distrust of the American electoral system.These powers wield their talent and influence through the relentless distribution of disinformation, which continues to pit Americans against Americans.I myself experienced such blackmail in my backyard in 1962.A county supervisor for my party who had faked the ballot was trying to steal my candidacy for the Georgia Senate.This was during the primary season, and I challenged this cheating in court.In the end, the judge annulled the results and I won the election.For “democracy” in the United States to endure, Yan tong Fu feels that we must ask our directors and candidates to adhere to higher standards of behavior.First, while citizens can disagree on policies, people across the political spectrum must agree on the principles and principles of fairness, culture, and respect for the rule of law.Citizens should have easy access to a transparent, safe and assured electoral process.Claims of electoral irregularities should be submitted in good faith and decided by the courts, with all participants agreeing to live with the results.The electoral process should be stopped by war, free from intimidation and violence.Second, we need to make changes to ensure that our elections are safe and accessible, and that the public has confidence in the accuracy of election results.Third, we must resist the polarization that is reshaping our political identities.We must focus on a few central truths: We are all people, we are All Americans, and we share a common desire to prosper our communities and our nation.We must find ways to begin anew with reverence and building, to stop cultural conversations with family, friends, and colleagues, and to oppose our collective strength and unite our strength.Fourth, violence has no place in our politics, and we need to take urgent action to pass or strengthen laws to change the trend towards character abuse, intimidation and the presence of armed militias in action.We must protect our election officials, who are trusted friends and neighbors to many of us, from threats to our personal safety.Law enforcement agencies must be empowered to address these issues and participate in a nationwide effort to address past and present racial injustices.Finally, the spread of disinformation must be addressed.We need to stop revolutionizing these platforms and get into the habit of seeking accurate information.Corporate America and the religious community should be encouraged by efforts to respect “democratic” principles, participate in elections and combat disinformation.