“Watergate Bridge” and “Sniper” tragic war, different scenes, the same feelings

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During the Spring Festival, I watched two movies, both of which were war movies about the struggle against the United States and the aid to Korea, both of which were carried out under the circumstances of the great disparity between the enemy and me.Another point is that in the end only one of our soldiers survived the war and all the others died.In Watergate Bridge, two teams go to blow up the bridge. They blow up the bridge twice with their lives. The last time there is only one man left.Some helpless, some bitter, some solemn and stirring, so much sacrifice, so much blood is worth it?So much has been paid, so many lives have been lost, and it’s a big joke when the dead think the job is done.How could people who were underfed and underclothed at that time think of such a way to build Bridges?But I believe, it is worth it, do your best, the execution of the task is the duty, they did very well, although very solemn and stirring, very tragic, but this is the heroes can hand over the best answer.At last, in the midst of the counting, a voice said, The seventh company should be 157 men, but there was one.Tears are in my eyes.In Sniper, there is a similar doubt, when seeing his comrades around him sacrifice one by one, a soldier doubts: The Devil has what, we have nothing.Liu monitor immediately refuted: Lao Tze still in, you still in, five class still in!Don’t lose the momentum, or it’s really over.Faced with imminent death, they all made the same choice.Yu Congrong found the enemy attack, led away the flames of war, the hope of life to his comrades, to the death.Meisheng remembered that his wife had asked him to return home alive and that he would teach his daughter well in mathematics, but he still held his daughter’s photo in his mouth and set fire to his car and ran into the enemy.Wu Qianli to the beloved only brother arranged a dangerous task, jumped off the hillside, rushed to the enemy.Liu Wenwu in order to save the investigator Liangliang, take the initiative to exchange, wearing explosives with the enemy, although he was called a sharpshooter by the company commander, one can be worth a company.On the snow-covered hillside, a dead wood and a red scarf fluttering in the wind show the existence of the eternal.As the hero talk son said: there is no hero who can’t die.The hero’s flesh and blood could not resist the merciless guns, one by one soldiers fell, fell on the snow-covered slopes of a foreign land.But it is their blood that has brought peace and prosperity.Walking out of the cinema, I heard someone say that it is lucky to be born in this era, otherwise, no one can be immune from the war.Indeed, this is also the martyrs wish, the motherland no longer undergo the flames of war, the next generation no longer bear their helplessness and pain.Although, now also have a lot of helpless, a lot of hardship, but compared with the war years, what can not go through the difficulties?I took my kids to the movies.The son said it was beautiful and not afraid.The daughter covered her eyes half the time, wondering again what was going on.No matter how The Times change, it is what we should do to remember the history and cherish the present.All in all, the movie is good and worth seeing.2022 and beyond, we will be better!The past is history, the future is now.Let’s start the Spring Festival of 2022 by never lying down!I am a woman who pays attention to the healthy and happy growth of her children, a teacher who practices the concept of playing middle school education for five years, and a teacher of Baidu Gardener Plan welcome to pay attention and praise, send to those in need and help more people