Soon, the old mother online urgent order “homework” materials, “30 years, I did not think I am still running homework do tabloids”

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Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 15 news (reporter Yang Xingci) tabloids, catch handwork, cut video…These two days, a small number of parents are still busy refreshing skills, helping children catch up on winter vacation homework, “busier than their own work.”An old mother joked: “After 30 years, I never thought I was still running my homework for a tabloid.”Parents exchange homework “skills” in groups.Reporter Yang Xingci photo on The evening of February 13, Ms. Lu, who lives in Hankou, saw the parents in the group notice, the next day when reporting for work each with a handwork, in the school for the Lantern Festival.She wanted to make a lantern, but in the home rummage for a long time did not find suitable materials for making lanterns, children’s grandfather in the neighborhood to walk several stores, small supermarkets also failed to harvest.”It’s so late, taobao will definitely be too late to place an order. Jingdong is not sure whether it can be delivered that night.”In a hurry, Ms. Lu opened “hungry me” and really found a stationery shop selling lantern materials.About 40 minutes, the delivery boy will be “homework” materials to the home.She immediately shared this with her group, and parents learned new “skills” to place orders and start burning the midnight oil.”Ele. me, Meituan and others?I thought I was only going to order food, which saved my life!”These two days, many parents in the group exchange of the topic is to catch up on homework “skills”.Ms. Li, who lives in Houhu, wanted to help her son run a tabloid newspaper. She wanted to find a template online and print it out for her son to fill in the color and write the text.But many of the templates were watermarked or pixelated, so she spent 18 yuan to become a meitu member for a month.Some parents suggest that the lower grades can buy some stickers and let the children paste their own creation.Have painting foundation, find some materials on the Internet, according to the painting.”I was running a tabloid 30 years ago, and I didn’t think I’d still be running a tabloid 30 years later.”Ms. Yao’s daughter is in the third grade. After the “double reduction”, she has less winter vacation homework and more diversified homework.”Putting together a tabloid for every subject and making videos showing the rich holiday life is a test for old mothers.”Ms. Yao said that the tabloids should not be scribbled, let the children run their own, it will not be qualified, the teacher can not praise for a long time, the children will lose confidence.”To tell the truth, the first and second grade is my own knife, composition, painting, play grid, write copy, children only need to fill in the text, has been exercising my creative ability.In the third grade, she wanted to practice drawing by herself, but she also wanted to be brilliant, so she looked for templates and elements in the little red book, and I helped her recompose, still testing me.”Ms. Yao said that running a tabloid newspaper for several years has greatly improved her art skills.But a new test came when the school asked for videos.”I can’t really learn this for a while.Winter vacation daughter dance class training, I talk about chi chi busy work for a long time, another mother can not see, lend a helping hand to help me cut.But it took almost an hour to figure it out. This class of parents is so hard!””I grew up running tabloids. I ran tabloids when I was a student.My child is in seventh grade and facing the task of running a tabloid.”Huang Juan, the party branch secretary and principal of Hanyang Rose-Yuan Runze Primary School, said that tabloid homework, manual homework and video homework can cultivate children’s ability to analyze problems, plan overall, think carefully, obtain information from various sources, practice and cultivate aesthetic appreciation.Huang Juan suggested that parents of lower grades can regard such homework as parent-child activities, accompany and lead their children to analyze the theme, collect information, plan and guide the production;Senior parents can be more free, give students need technical guidance, hardware support can;Evaluation of this kind of homework, should be multidimensional evaluation, focusing on encouraging participation and innovation, teachers and parents should use the “magnifying glass” to find the highlights of the work, encourage students to learn self-confidence, lit students study, enthusiasm for exploration.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.