Peng Chen: Physical bookstores should continue to work in the field of content

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In 2021, the book industry as a whole maintained a relatively smooth operation.This year, the book market, which suffered the first negative growth since the beginning of the new century due to the epidemic, began to recover slightly. Although the entire book retail market has not recovered to the pre-epidemic level, practitioners are still full of confidence in the recovery of the book industry in the post-epidemic era.It is also in the era full of variables, for physical bookstores, “stable” basic disk is more difficult.Over the past year, the entity bookstore in the accident of history and era development under the curves, when there is gap is difficult to maintain the balance of the lot, as a representative of the traditional channels of the entity bookstore, all need to think about how to be “after the wave on the beach,” how to secure even regain their status “river lake”, how to change constantly to seek survival and development of the road?This article is a series of high-end interviews with physical bookstores. The interviewee is Chen Peng, the managing director of PAGEONE Bookstore.What is the overall development of PAGEONE bookstore in 2021?Chen Peng: In 2021, the overall sales revenue of PAGEONE bookstore will increase by a certain proportion compared with that of 2020. Among them, the growth proportion of online revenue is larger than that of offline revenue, and the revenue of books accounts for about 65% on average. The revenue composition of different stores will be different.In 2021, due to the expiration of the lease, the original Sanlitun store and Yidi Gang store were closed, while the new Wudaokou store, Sanlitun store, Huayuan Hutong store and Wangfujing APM store were opened.What strategies have PAGEONE Garden Hutong store adopted for physical stores in the past two years?Dodson TB:PAGEONE Bookstore has been committed to exploring the creative expression of bookstore cultural space. In recent years, it has been continuously strengthening high-quality book sharing, music live, cross-border exhibitions, art lectures, artists’ solo exhibitions and other activities. Through high-quality activities, selected cultural goods and in-store design in line with the current aesthetic, exhibition recommendations, etc.,Attract more young people to the PAGEONE store.PAGEONE Garden Hutong Store At the same time, we continue to try to broaden the boundaries of bookstore business content, together with Tsinghua University Literary Creation and Research Center, international publishing brand Astra House, jointly planned and held the “PAGEONE Literature Appreciation” activity twice a year, discovered a number of excellent original Chinese works.Many aspects of encouragement and support were given to the shortlisted young creators and new literary forces.What do you think of the overall development of physical bookstores?Dodson TB: the development of future entity bookstore would still be full of challenges and pressure, although the government’s support of the entity bookstore is very big and big probability will continue, but it only as a guide and supplement, bookshops face did not change the fundamental problems and challenges, practitioners need to continue to explore the management mode of sustainable development of entity bookstore.What should PAGEONE Garden Hutong store entity bookstore do to achieve its own sustainable development?Peng Chen: Different types of physical bookstores have different survival modes. If they identify their own positioning and make their own characteristics, they can find target customers and survive.Physical bookstores are not only retail places for books. They should constantly develop content fields, strengthen brand construction and strive to adapt to the current business environment.For PAGEONE, we will continue to deepen our efforts in the content field. For example, we will make the biennial “PAGEONE Literature Awards” a literature festival with domestic and international influence, relying on our own designer team.Develop a batch of exclusive IP products in line with the current trend, such as COCO Genie series, cooperate with well-known artists and designers at home and abroad, develop art derivatives, plan PAGEONE cultural and creative design competition, etc.The author | Huang Xiaofei | publisher magazine, the END, the article source