“Holiday warm 2” : one thing falls one thing, can stimulate Ma Boyuan confessions of people, finally come

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“Warm Holiday 2” : one thing, one thing, can stimulate Ma Boyuan confession of the people, finally come to this article by hundred number entertainment music can not be original, if you like, welcome to praise and attention oh!The TV series Warm Holiday 2, starring Liu Tao and Chen Heling, is currently on the air. It tells the funny and funny story between Cheng Man and Kong Lingqi.Ma Boyuan and Cheng Miao were unhappy at their first meeting, but it was clear that Ma Boyuan was a good man. Obviously Miaomiao broke the rules, Ma Boyuan took Miaomiao to the hospital, gave him some money, and thought that Miaomiao was ok before he left.At first, Ma boyuan didn’t care about Cheng Miao, thinking that she was just an ordinary girl who loved skiing and had nothing to do with his drone.In an accidental opportunity, Ma Boyuan found that Cheng Miao had excellent reflexes and a strong talent in uav. She was a rare talent player. As long as she could get regular training and practice, cheng Miao would have an unlimited future.Since finding cheng Miao is a rare uav player, Ma Boyuan has always wanted to include Cheng Miao in his club. Ma Boyuan has always had a short board, that is, he is not strong in talent. Without a long time of practice, Ma Boyuan would not have achieved what he has now.02. Ma Boyuan’s interest in Cheng Miao Ma Boyuan’s performance was inconsistent, the club he founded needed more good people to join, but Ma Boyuan was willing to let Cheng Miao sign for another club.Ma Boyuan did this for two reasons. One was that he admired Cheng Miao, and the other was that he was afraid that his club would drag cheng Miao down. He wanted cheng Miao to get systematic training so that she could fly higher.Ma Boyuan may be a cold-hearted person in the eyes of others, but he is surprisingly nice to Cheng Miao. He is so nice that all his friends do not know him and think ma Boyuan is interested in Cheng Miao.It was one of the few times that Cheng miao beat the woman known as the “King of curves” in her second race. It was a feat of genius.All this Ma Boyuan see in the eyes, do not know when to start, Ma Boyuan has been used to cheng Miao things in his heart, even Ma Boyuan’s opponents feel Ma Boyuan progress is very big, this may be the power of love.Ma Boyuan obviously likes Cheng Miao, but he is afraid to say so.When Cheng Miao was in school, there was a boy who was very kind to her and he always wanted her to be with him.This person is Dachun, who has been pursuing Miaomiao since school and is particularly interested in Miaomiao’s affairs.When Miao Miao was at school, she spent most of her time skating.But miaomiao suffered indelible trauma from skating, and she didn’t make the provincial team because few people make it to the pros.In addition, Miaomiao spends most of her time making money. She has worked in a variety of shops, learned a lot, and taught children how to skate.Even the children’s parents know that Dachun is Miao Miao’s boyfriend, so It can be seen that Dachun is Cheng Miao’s boyfriend in the eyes of everyone, only Cheng Miao knows that he and Dachun are not suitable.When graduation approached, Dachun showed his heart to Cheng Miao again, saying that he liked Cheng Miao very much and found a suitable job in Shenzhen. He hoped That Cheng Miao could stay with him.Dachun’s condition is very good, she has a house in a big city and a decent job. However, for such an excellent suitor, Cheng Miao directly chooses to reject her. The reason is very simple: there is too much difference in their family conditions.They had no contact after graduation. Unexpectedly, Dachun did not forget Cheng Miao and came to her home at the end of the Spring Festival without informing Cheng Miao in advance.The arrival of big spring, can calculate thoroughly angered Ma Boyuan, Ma Boyuan did not express to Cheng Miao all the time, the arrival of rival in love, accelerated the progress of Ma Boyuan and Cheng Miao’s feelings.