Today’s oil price news: today February 10, gas stations adjusted 92, 95 gasoline after the latest price limit

2022-04-23 0 By

Hello everyone, today is Thursday, February 10th.Let’s look at what happened to oil prices today.The latest oil price adjustment has reached its fifth working day and domestic oil prices are still rising.As of now, the price of refined oil is expected to rise by 145 yuan per ton, or 0.11 to 0.12 yuan per liter.It costs five yuan more to fill up the tank.We are halfway through this round of oil price adjustment, and the expected increase has far exceeded the red line.A new oil price adjustment is due on February 17th.International oil prices: U.S. crude futures settled at $89.36, down $1.96, or 2.15%.Brent crude futures settled at $90.78, down $1.91, or 2.06 percent.Today is February 10th, and this is the latest retail price limit for gasoline and diesel at gas stations across the country.Hainan Sanya 92 gasoline 8.78 yuan/liter;95 gasoline 9.33 yuan/liter;No.98 gasoline 10.56 yuan/liter;0 diesel 7.41 yuan/l;Chongqing 92# 7.96 yuan/l, 95# 8.42 yuan/l, 0# diesel 7.65 yuan/l;Nanjing oil price: 60 diesel 7.29 yuan/liter;92# gasoline 7.63 yuan/liter;95# gasoline 8.12 yuan/liter;98# Gasoline 9.00 yuan/liter;Hunan oil price: Zhuzhou 92 gasoline 7.61 yuan/liter;No.95 gasoline 8.09 yuan/liter;98 gasoline 8.89 yuan/liter;No.0 diesel 7.39 yuan/l.