This Week in sichuan League History (3.21-3.27)

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On May 5, 1922, under the direct care and leadership of the Communist Party of China, the predecessor of the Communist Youth League of China, the Chinese Socialist Youth League, was founded in Guangzhou.In 2022, the communist youth league of China was founded 100 anniversary of the establishment, in order to reflect the sichuan youth “FenDou Road in one hundred Youth heart to party spirit, youth and children research and development center in sichuan province from January 1 to launch “sichuan association history today” column, to demonstrate in one hundred to mammoth sichuan youth movement development history,Encourage the youth of the province to stay true to their original aspiration, follow closely the Party, and contribute youth strength to promote the governance of Sichuan province and Xingchuan to a new level!On March 22, 1991, the provincial Committee of youth League and provincial Tourism Bureau decided to commend the advanced units and service models in the theme activity of “youth shining in tourism”.On March 22, 2009, the “Spring warm 2009, Achievement dream” sichuan university students employment and entrepreneurship double selection meeting was held in Sichuan Normal University.In late March 1926, chongqing District Committee of the League decided to establish a Chongqing Students’ Union in addition to the East Sichuan Students’ Union.More than 50 schools in Chongqing, except the industrial middle school, have joined the Chongqing Student Federation.Note: In 1926, chongqing Municipal Youth League Committee was actually the provincial Youth League Committee.From March 23 to 25, 2018, the first undergraduate class of “Sichuan Excellent Young Marxists Training Project” was held in UESTC in March.On March 26, 1998, the reemployment work of laid-off young workers and the 1997 “Double Competition” activity commendation meeting was held in Chengdu Taicheng hotel. The 1997 “double competition” advanced collectives and individuals were commended by the meeting.On March 27, 1926, the Association sent a telegram to the whole country, denouncing the March 18 Massacre in Beijing, in which the warlord Government of Tuan Chi-jui sent troops to suppress the anti-imperialist and patriotic masses.Sichuan green source | research editor 丨 prince charming first trial 丨 prince charming as released 丨 right sweet ten catties youth Don’t a good time