“Tai Rong E Tai Useful” epidemic prevention policy, appointment registration, transportation, online……”E” button done!

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Epidemic prevention policy one key query one code one card at a glance convenient service one station to reach the city life service entrance App created by taicang city government – “Tai Rong E” open trial operation!Too rong E, make city life too easy!➣ “Tai Rong E” integrates government affairs, authoritative release, urban life, transportation, medical and health care, culture, sports and tourism, learning and education and other services to bring more convenient experience for citizens to enjoy smart life, understand authoritative information and obtain current political news with one click;Provide more efficient channels for various departments to serve the masses.Now, you can easily install the “announcement” module by searching for “Taicang E” in the mobile App market or scanning and directly identifying the qr code below. The “Announcement” module is set in the eye-catching position of the home page of the “Taicang E” App. By rolling the authoritative epidemic prevention information 24 hours, the public can keep up with the epidemic prevention situation in Taicang.The columns of “Loucheng Epidemic Prevention” module, “Independent declaration” and “representative declaration” are clearly classified and easy to operate, with the information of nucleic acid test points and epidemic information at a sight.”Sukang Code” module citizens’ travel card, nucleic acid test sampling record query, nucleic acid test results query and other functions are gathered on a page, convenient for everyone to easily show the required information.”Media Release” module “Media Release” module integrates taicang Release, Taicang Daily, radio and TV, live video and other resources, so that you can keep abreast of the latest epidemic prevention policies and information without leaving home.Authoritative news, lively stories, convenient service…It’s all here!Tap your finger to get taicang news!”Business Management” module during the epidemic prevention and control of travel inconvenience?Click into the “business management” function module, you can choose “one thing service”, easy to deal with “birth one thing”, “new house check-in one thing” and other life “urgent”;You can also choose “online management” to find the matters to be handled according to the region or department, so that many businesses can be handled without going out.”Convenience hotline” module from life service hotline, village (residential) hotline, epidemic prevention and control consultation telephone, and then contact the locksmith to open the lock change, all aspects of life to the convenience hotline, here to help you “catch all”.Is the exit passage of the “self-help moving vehicle” module blocked?Have your parking space taken?Input relevant information, you can click to report.Are the dishes of today expensive?Which market has a favorable price for vegetables?Here’s what you need to know.Want to check your health report without leaving home?Your test reports, examination reports and medical records can be easily checked here.More exciting modules are waiting for you to unlock the “minor accident online handling”, “real-time bus inquiry” and “public bike”, these modules are essential for travel.Need to make an appointment in advance to see a doctor?Want to know whether the express has arrived in Taicang?During the epidemic prevention and control, the modules of “make an appointment” and “My express” will provide you with perfect answers to your questions.Massive digital reading resources in the “Cloud Reading” module and the latest and hottest short videos in the “short video” module make your home life not monotonous with rich content.”Taicang E” App, exclusive App for Taicang people to make the service more intimate, the masses more warm heart, the city too comfortable with the continuous improvement of App functions inside the service will be constantly updated let us open the “E” key, please look forward to!Production director of Taicang Rong Media Center | Zhu Weiqi zhirong media reporter | Xu Jing/Wen Zhu Mingbo/Graphic Rong media editor | Xia Fengdan