“Small slow trains” help the Spring Festival travel rush

2022-04-23 0 By

During the Spring Festival travel rush, the railways will adapt to the diverse needs of passengers, continue to run regular speed trains and 81 pairs of public welfare “slow trains”, and give overall consideration to the operation of trains in non-passenger areas, providing convenience to people in old revolutionary base areas, poor areas, and remote mountainous areas.In the era of rapid development of high-speed rail, the opening of “slow train” seems a little “outdated”.However, in some remote areas, “slow train” is the main means of transportation for local people to go to market, seek medical care, go to school, visit relatives and work outside.The stolid, station stop “slow train”, will be eight miles village villagers linked with the outside world, the travel conditions of the masses, not only to improve the poor areas brings great convenience to people production and living, and give them the opportunity and the income of money, is carrying the people along the high hopes for a better life.In this new era of high-speed development of transportation, high-speed rail, as the leader of the railway transportation industry, has gradually highlighted its safety, fast and convenient properties, so it has become the first choice for travel.However, in many remote areas, especially in mountainous areas, where there is no high-speed railway, the “small slow trains” of the Spring Festival travel rush are not only the guiding light for people to travel, but also the love light to light up the way home during the Spring Festival travel rush.During this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, railway departments across the country still insist on running the “small slow train” of this green train, but the ticket price is still the same as before, and some prices are even cheaper than the subway and bus. It can be said that this also conveys deep care and hope to the local people.As in the program, fruit farmer Zhang Xilian started from the car, started the business, a full basket of ice sugar orange in tongren destination has been sold a part of, and even “small slow train” on the train also used the network live with goods in the form of free to xiangxi mountain gully fruit farmers help.It can be said that the story of the Spring Festival transport on the “Small slow train” is more like a temporary caring community, where there is love to help on the road of poverty alleviation and prosperity. It also carries fruit farmers and vegetable farmers to the road of prosperity, hope and future. At the same time, it is also fulfilling the promise of all the mountain people along the railway to get rid of poverty and get rich together.It has to be said that “small slow train” has become a model of transportation poverty alleviation, railway and poor areas of the “heart bridge”.During this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, 18 railway bureaus across the country insist on running such “small slow trains”. People returning to their hometowns take the “small slow trains” to return for the Spring Festival. After the Spring Festival, people in the mountains take the “small slow trains” to go out of the mountains to work in the cities.A line of “small slow car” is not only the people along the “convenience car”, but also the “rich car”, the small car every day deduce a harmonious and warm picture, become a moving scenery.There is no trivial matter in the interests of the masses.The “slow train” of the high-speed railway era is full of passion for the people, playing a strong role in targeted poverty alleviation and all-round well-off society.Doing practical things for the people, worrying about what the people want, solving the people’s difficulties, is a vivid interpretation of governing for the people.If the speed of high-speed rail represents the efficiency of today’s China, then the cheap, standing “slow trains” represent the warmth of today’s China.Both speed and temperature, dream and work together.When the whole society works together to surmount difficulties and obstacles, we will surely pool the great power of realizing our dreams and move toward a better future together.(Leung Jiao Jie)