Luxury and sports comprehensive consideration, the new Jaguar XFL deduce British luxury style

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Deduce the performance aesthetics of luxury sports business car, combine elegance with dynamic nature, and bring extraordinary luxury experience with exquisite British design.As another masterpiece of the jaguar brand’s new modern luxury, the new JAGUAR XFL features an elegant dynamic design, multi-screen connected technology and powerful performance capabilities that elevate the inherent luxury and sporty feeling to a new level.British fashion luxury sports new Jaguar XFL in the continuation of elegant and noble British fashion, combined with the characteristics of the Chinese market, into a variety of innovative elements, further enhance the sense of luxury, delicate sense and sense of science and technology, highlighting the new modern luxury.The new Double J all-LED headlights with flowing turn signals, together with the upgraded wing trim, rear bumper, chrome exhaust pipe and smoked taillights, make the new Jaguar XFL a recognisable beauty.With two styling styles including CORE Deluxe and R-Dynamic Sport, five new styling wheels, and three new appearance matching colors including British racing green, Flame blue and White Horse silver, the new car brings more personalized choices for owners with unique tastes.At the same time, the exterior and interior details of the new car have been added to a series of luxury designs specifically designed for the Chinese market.Monogram with the classic Jaguar logo is a continuous pattern throughout the car, including mesh, headlights, knobs, sound panels, seat patterns, etc., to enhance the overall quality of the vehicle details.Chrome-plated side sash (Core Deluxe /R-Dynamic Sport), bright black side sash (R-Dynamic obsidian Sport), and chrome-plated exhaust pipes enhance the luxury of the exterior.Crystal shift lever, wood grain cover plate in the storage area of the center console, 3D designed speakers, and many interior details such as rear wing type headrest, central armrest and door panel armrest are upgraded to further enhance the noble bearing of the new car.The new Jaguar XFL is also fully upgraded in terms of ride comfort. The new Jaguar XFL provides you and your passengers with excellent ride comfort.The new vehicle’s anion air purification system with PM2.5 filter can effectively eliminate vehicle odor, fully reduce particulate pollution, making the cockpit environment always healthy and pleasant;The active noise reduction system carried for the first time provides a quiet cockpit environment for drivers and passengers, effectively preventing driving fatigue;MeridianTM sound system from the UK, front 18-way adjustable seats, privacy glass and other rich and complete luxurious configuration, so that the comfort of driving and riding is improved again, bringing a comfortable and pleasant luxury space.Multi-screen connected intelligent travel luxury technology texture improvement is also a highlight of the new Jaguar XFL, in intelligent technology configuration upgrade, more able to keep pace with The Times to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.The new car is equipped with the new InControl OS 2.0 system. The efficient and intelligent multi-screen interconnection technology is complementary to the luxurious interior. The simple and generous new 11.4-inch floating curved screen is integrated with the 12.3-inch interactive LCD instrument panel, and the sensitive operation and high-definition and exquisite screen display are comparable to mobile phones.Let car owners easily embrace digital travel.At the same time, with the cooperation of SOTA online software upgrade system and Apple Carplay® and Baidu CarLife, all passengers can easily access the latest information and enjoy the Internet technology at all times.In addition, the new car will bring a more efficient and convenient driving experience, easier to control and safer to travel, thanks to the hd ultra-wide Angle streaming media rearview mirror, the second-generation HD full-color head-up display system, the new AUTO HOLD automatic parking function and a series of intelligent driving assistance technologies.Inherited from the track genes, the new Jaguar XFL is equipped with the “Ward Top ten” Aviva 2.0T engine independently developed by JAGUAR Land Rover, which can achieve a maximum torque of 400 N · m and accelerate to 100km in 6.4 seconds, providing strong power guarantee.At the same time, the all-wheel-drive system provides continuously variable response in 165 milliseconds, intervening before the body stability control system to provide better stability and traction, maintaining superior passability and the fun of “leopard” force acceleration.In addition, the new Jaguar XFL’s front and rear suspension systems are constructed from lightweight aluminum.The dual-arm front suspension ensures accurate and sensitive handling, while the integrated multi-link rear suspension provides a calm and stable handling experience with excellent rigidity.Derived from Jaguar F-Type Sports Car Technology, the torque vector distribution system helps the vehicle improve control of the inner and outer wheels in corners, ensuring continuous cornering stability and further enhancing driving pleasure.Refresh the upgrade of new jaguar XFL will design aesthetics, special properties and intelligent technology perfect union, closer to the pursuit of luxurious texture and delicate details the aesthetic needs of Chinese consumers, fully satisfy Chinese consumers for luxury sports car, with quality product details of the design concept of new modern luxury.